Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yard Sale Was Cancelled

I am sad to report that the yard sell was cancelled.  A teen neighbor was suppose to come this morning to help me move my stuff out to sell but she did not arrive.  She did not even call.  So I did not worry about it.  I instead worked on getting some stuff pulled out and placed on craigslist.  I also got a few things organized and I am moving towards getting packed.  That is going to be some adventure to get the house packed!

One of the craigslist ads worked and I was able to sell the children's Step 2 playhouse for $60.  I would have liked to keep it but it is just TOO big to take with us.  I will have to make it up to them later. I spent the money on some food for the house and my medicine.  I also got a new purse since my last one had a bottle of nail polish explode in it two weeks ago.  I have been running around with my wallet, keys, phone, Kindle, and anything else I need in my hands.  It will be nice to have it all in a purse again so I can quit misplacing things.  Plus, in order to try and not feel guilty about buying it, it is my birthday present to myself this year.  : )

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