Saturday, September 29, 2012

Countdown to Homelessness: 2 Days

To say my family is unhappy with John would barely even begin to cover how they feel about him.  In particular John has made my mother angry.  She called and texted a few things to him that sounded threatening.  In particular she sent a text to him that said to "watch your back sucker!"  LOL    It appears that based on that text John was able to get a order of temporary protection on my mother.  How crazy is that?

Today is Saturday and I will be selling all that I cannot fit into my boxes or my car.  It is a LOT!  It makes me sad to lose these things.  Some of the stuff I am having to give up are the outside toys I found for the children, their toddler beds, several pieces of furniture, ALL of my furniture for sitting (couch, love seat, chairs), my drier,several small kitchen appliances, microwave, and a whole bunch of miscellanous items.  I am hoping I make some good money from the sale but on the other hand it really does break my heart to lose so many of the children's things.  I am not even sure when I could replace these things. In the end I guess it is for the best since I am not sure where we will be in Phoenix.  Most of the items are too big unless we can live in a house somewhere.

I feel like I am losing everything.  I know I am not and I have tow U-Haul Boxes that say otherwise but that is the way it feels.  There is still SO much in the house.  I will have to get rid of a lot of things I really want.  I want all of this to end but everything keeps moving forward.

Today, I am selling my life.  : (

I am sure part of the melancholy of this post is due to the lack of sleep.  Not only is there a lot to do but idiotic me packed my mattress and I had no where to sleep.  So I have gone about 24 hours without sleep.  I am tired!

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