Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dying from the flu (?)

Sorry I have not posted on here in awhile. Last week was the big children's consignment sale. The week before that I had school and I was working like a mad woman trying to get my clothing ready for consignment. In the process of that my carpal tunnel has acted up. I mean like the worst it has EVER been! I think it is due to fastening safety pins to everything. Then the week of the consignment sale I was finishing getting my things together. Trying to take care of the stuff for the school district so the children can begin services and working on school stuff.

Finally my carpel tunnel has subsided enough I can at least type again. I bought a lot of clothes for Margaret at the sale, I got only a few things for James and Joseph (that was all they needed, shoes for everyone, books, toys and Halloween costumes. The costumes are super cute! It had been a busy time. I wrapped up this past weekend shopping the sale and then promptly came down with what seems like the flu. Even right now I could take a nap if James would go to sleep. I am exhausted! I am sure I caught the flu from someone at the consignment sale and now I am doing all I can to limit my contact with the children so they do not get it.

I am tired and not even sure if this post is making I will be back later when I am feeling better. Stay tuned!!! :D

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It Looks Like a Clothes Bomb Went Off In My House....

It is nice to have a moment to breathe. Sunday night at 10pm my time was the last time I could enter any clothes into the consignment sale. I swear my house has looked like a clothes bomb went off in my living room. Clothes were EVERYWHERE! I got 130 items entered into the sell. Today I went to turn the items in so they could be placed on the sales floor. OMG, it was a mad house there!!! I was having to struggle with two large and one really large box of clothes along with Joseph in a stroller, Margaret without her backpack leash and James. This is after we went to therapy today.

So lets go in order. We went to therapy. We got to therapy where at 10ish Margaret and Joseph went back to get OT for Margaret and PT for Joseph. This left me James in the waiting room for an hour. Luckily he played on my phone and entertained himself with it even though my "nice" phone broke. That is a story I will get to in a minute. Then at 11am I got Margaret and James went back for ST and Joseph got OT. So Margaret and I went shopping at Trader Joe's since there is all most no food in the house. We shopped and got back to the therapy center where the therapist brought out James and Joseph.

We left the therapy center and came home. I fixed the children lunch and then put Margaret and Joseph down for bed. After therapy they always need a nap. So they were in their room from 1:30pm to 3:00pm while I worked on my school work I could not complete Sunday because the school's computers were down. James watched Toy Story. He has really come to like Toy Story 1 and 3 a LOT! He will watch the movies 2 or 3 times in a row. Anyways I got my work done. Got the children up and fed them again. Got them ready and we left the house. It took us about 30 minutes to get to the consignment sale location. There were a TON of cars and I could not find a space to park my car. You have to keep in mind I drive a Ford E-350 15 passenger van. It is huge! So I have to park FAR away from the door but I did swing the van back around and dropped off my three large boxes of clothes near the front door. After getting the children out and Joseph loaded into the stroller we went to the front door. I lucked out and got a clothing rack. I loaded the clothes into the clothing rack so I could leave the boxes behind. While I was doing that a TON of people walked by and cars were going slowly by. I was SO nervous Margaret would walk out in from of a car. James was entertaining himself by pushing Joseph around. Overall he was doing a good job but I was worried he would tip him over. I managed to get all the clothes loaded onto the rack and get the clothes and the children inside. After getting in I soon "lost" James. I knew he was in the store somewhere but I was not sure where.

Margaret was being good because she was staying fairly close. The women went through all my clothes. It took her about 15 minutes. She pulled out about 8 outfits. In the end she rejected four. Then I had to go and find James. I see him rounding the far corner where the toy are displayed and he is riding a pink I told him to get off and to put it back. He started to cry. Then I grabbed his hand, Margaret's hand and was trying to steer Joseph's stroller to go back out to the car. James is bawling all the way saying he wants a bike. Margaret is crying too and Joseph is crying because the other two were crying. It was sad really but in a perverse way funny. All these other people staring at me. Not one person offering to help going in or coming out of the consignment sale.

I got the children loaded into the car and I got to hear James cry for 30 minutes as I drove home. I got here in time to meet a woman who wanted to by the white toddler bed I had advertise on Craig's List for $20. At this point money is money because we have very little of it especially if I am going to the consignment sale to buy clothes and toys for the children.

So tomorrow is therapy day again and the consignment sale will begin at 2pm. I will be there with the children. I tried to find someone to watch them for me but that did not happen. :( Hopefully James will be able to find his bike tomorrow. I hope so!

One last thing I want to throw in about Margaret because it was rather funny. Sunday night Margaret was screaming upstairs in her room about an hour and a half after bed time. The sound of the scream I had a good idea that she had vomited. I get upstairs to check on her and I was right. She was paralyzed from her own vomit. It was ALL over her and her bed. John comes in to help. Margaret as you know is Autistic and she scrips a lot. Right now she is no a Wonder Pets kick and she likes to script them. So when John went and brought her out to the changing table Margaret started to whine and then sing, "stuck on the barf, stuck on the barf, this is serious, we've got to help her, Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, we're on our way to help the baby Margaret and save the day," John and I cracked up....LOL. So John takes Margaret to the bathroom and gives her a bath while I change the bedding. I get done as he is finishing her bath. So he starts to dry her off and she sings, "Our work here is done. Time for celery." then as John finishes putting on her clothes and she walks into her bedroom she says, "to the flyboat, to the flyboat, Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, were on our way, to help a friend and save the day, we're not too big, we're not too tough, but when we work togethr we've got the right stuff, go Wonder Pets, YEA!!!" LOL She is one funny, quirky little girl!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

And people wonder why I cannot get anything done...

I am not sure if any of you realize, in a moment of infinite wisdom, I decided to attend graduate school. This decision came out of the need for money along with the desire to complete the master's degree I started in 2003 but did not finish. So Monday I started by reading the class material. My new class started October 3rd, Landscape Ecology and Planning, sounds like fun huh?

On Monday I also made several phone calls trying to follow up with things. Heck, I just remembered I still need to work on getting Joseph a wheelchair and fight Medicaid trying to convince them I need help with the children since Margaret and Joseph seem to have NO safety awareness skills. I am also been pulling out clothes to try and consign them.

There is a major consignment sale in Las Vegas called As They Grow ( and for the last two sales I have spent a lot of money but was able to buy entire winter wardrobes of clothes for the three children and toys. For the past week my house has looked like a clothes bomb went off in my kitchen and living room. The only good news from all that is I have realized that Joseph has SOOOO many clothes he does not need a thing but shoes. James has a lot of clothes too. Just a few size 4T shirts and pants. He fits snug in 3T now and I would hate for him to grow on me over the winter and then I would not be able to find him warm clothes. Margaret is really the only one in DIRE need of clothes. When the weather turned cool here I had to dress her in boy's clothes because she did not have any warm clothes to wear.

Then I have been dealing with the school district. I COMPLETELY spaced out on the fact I would have to have the shot records for the children to enroll into school even though they are in a homebound education program.

I have been working SO hard on the consignment sale (did my volunteer shift today from 9am to 1pm) to tag clothes that my carpel tunnel is acting up and KILLING me. Got to get home and work on it more though. John was suppose to tag stuff for me today and I was suppose to get the day out but that is not how things are going to work out.

Oh, and my cool new phone died. My LG phone that was my birthday present died. The touch screen is acting up and of course it is 10 days after the warranty date so the $200 John was kind enough to spend getting me my cool birthday present is no good. :( I am SO sad because I LOVED the phone.

I also cannot get into my online school right now to do my forum posts. I had set the time aside but the school's computer system is acting up and I cannot get in. John, I just noticed messaged me on FB saying he has a massive headache and is throwing up. Now I get to go home, deal with John, take care of the children, finish getting my consignment stuff on hangers and input into the computer tonight before 10pm when the computer system closes and keep trying my school to see if I can get in and post my four forum post responses. Wait, I forgot about cleaning the house especially the kitchen! I doubt the cleaning fairy has come over since John is sick. What is worse is I know I am forgetting at least two other things. Sigh! I am just tired thinking about it.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...

All the medical work I have been trying to accomplish for Joseph is not at a stand still. I am not sure what the geneticist is doing. She has not gotten back with me. I think we are waiting to get approval to do a fresh muscle biopsy. Everything else medical is in limbo.

I am now working on getting the short records for the children and get medical exemptions for them. I would imagine this will take about a week to accomplish. Then the school district wants to send over the the children's teacher to see the home environment. So I will have to clean things up here but of course I am in the middle of making a mess because I am pulling all the tubs from the garage. Slowly I have been going through them and trying to be ruthless about getting rid of clothes. My hope is to consign the clothes in a sale in a couple of weeks. It would be great to get rid of the extra stuff that I am not using.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Going gluten free?

While I was pregnant with the babies I lost about 40 pounds. Over the last three and a half years I have gained all the weight back. I am now tying to go on a diet. I have not decided on a specific diet yet but I do want to try and get rid of the gluten in my diet. Anyone have any recipe ideas for GF casserole ideas?