Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Is Coming!

Halloween 2013 - Kids having fun making up their own poses!  LOL

All sorts of changes have been going on around here.  Bill and Bailey left by the end of September.  We had a falling out, sadly, but I think much of that was due to Bill really but it is what it is...

Today is the last day in my house in Gilbert.  I really liked this house in a  lot of ways.  I LOVED the neighborhood.  I LOVED living across from the high school.  It has been fun sitting outside on Friday nights listening to the crowds as they cheered on the football players.  I LOVED listening to the band practice and then play their songs during the week.  I will miss all these things from my house in Gilbert.  Going to the new house in Phoenix will be a real adventure.  The neighborhood is not as nice but seems okay.  The biggest thing I LOVE about the new house is the pool.  I HATE that we are moving there at a time when we cannot use the pool.  We only get to stare at it until the weather warms up again.  I saw some plans on building your own passive solar heater for a pool (see video on below).  What a great idea!  If I can afford to do it I would love to try and make our own heater.  I would LOVE to try it!  It might let us use our pool in late April or early May. 

Last weekend my son Jerrin, whom I had not really talked to for the last three years (long story there), has not come to live with me.  I did not see that one coming!!!   He came at a good time though.  He has been helping John, Maddi and Dimitri move while I have been at work.  They have all been working their tales off!  I will have to do something special for them!

Got to go.  Though I am at home today I am telecommuting.  I have several CEs to review.  Have a good weekend everyone!