Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kid-isms: Good to Know Heaven is in Canada!

Having a couple of autistic kids can make your life interesting.  The things they say can be quite funny or at least unusual. 

James looked at me and told me...
James: Jesus and his helpers are in heaven.
Me: That's right James. Good job!
James: Yea, Jesus is in heaven.  Heaven is up above.  Canada is in heaven.
Me: I am sure the Canadians will be happy to hear that!  LOL

James is a high-functioning autistic and I would say he has Asperger Syndrome.  It does me no good to get his diagnosed as an Aspie since insurance often will not cover therapy (speech or otherwise) for an Aspie child.  James is having a COMPLETE fascination at the moment with numbers and geography.  It started off with trains, went to space and now it is geography and weather.  James knows Canada is north (up) from the United States so I guess he assumes that since Canada is up therefore it must be in heaven....LOL!

Margaret was in a lot of pain the other day.  She was crying and telling me her teeth hurt.  I had her come to me.
Me: Margaret, show me where your teeth hurt.
Margaret: My cavity hurts. (As she points to her mouth)
Me: I am sorry Margaret that your teeth hurt. (giving her a hug)
Margaret: My teeth wiggle and fall out.  LOL

Margaret has always been a video recorder.  She watches TV programs and basically records them in her head for later play back.  When she began talking she ONLY used scripted speech (echolalia). Even now, at least half of what she says is echolalia!  When I was trying to get Early Intervention to diagnose her with autism I was told she could NOT have autism because she spoke too well.  I said it was all echolalia.  I was told that she used the echolalia appropriately in a conversation and therefore she was not autistic.    Later, when I had insurance, I was able to get her evaluated with a better doctor.  I was told it is not uncommon for autistic kids to use echolalia appropriately in a conversation.  Not common but not that uncommon either!  Margaret often gives me a chuckle!

James wanted the rest of some pizza I bought for him for dinner.  I had made a little chicken and broccoli for him too.  He LOVES broccoli!

Me: James, do you want some chicken and broccoli?
James: I want pizza.
Me: I thought you loved broccoli.  Don't you want broccoli?
James: Yes, I like broccoli but I LOVE pizza.
Me: What do you like about pizza?
James: I like the triangles.   LOL

You NEVER know what is going to come out of that boy's mouth!  LOL

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