Sunday, September 23, 2012

Countdown to Homelessness: 7 Days

My little wanderer: Margaret
Today is Sunday and I took the day off.  The children and I had such a great day overall.  Today we just enjoyed spending time together as a family.  I have been SO stressed that I needed a break and so did the children.

Tomorrow we will be packing the last of the stuff.   I will be able to use the last of my respite time to pay someone to be at the house while I pack.  They will keep the children out of the way and I can get things done without worrying about them getting hurt.  When I tried to do this the other day but Margaret kept wandering off and going out into the street.  Luckily we live on a road that is not super busy but cars do drive by often enough to make me scared.

Tuesday I will get some money and I will rent a storage room.  It will allow me to have somewhere to take all my things.  Got to get all the stuff out of here by Friday since the electric will be shut off.  I REALLY want to be out by Friday so I won't be stressed.


  1. I know what that's like, to pack up everything and shove it into storage--we've been homeless for over a year now! It's called unseen homelessness because we aren't out on the streets, but we still don't have somewhere to call home.

    You've probably done everything you can imagine and so have I... Have you gotten those horrible people that tell you you aren't doing enough? Tell them to go f*** themselves if and when you do. ;)

    1. Thanks Tea. I am sorry you are homeless. I had no understanding how hard it is NOT to have a home until now. It is not fun! I have tried all sorts of resources and I just got into an argument recently with the local regional center. They were telling me they are only service coordinators. They are not case workers. I chewed my "service provider" out in an Basically they called me up after that asking me what I have done. The woman was asking questions on things I have done and I kept telling her I had all ready done that. After 10 minutes I told her I had no go and she was angry at me saying she was trying to help and I was not making time for her. I told her, "No, you are not helping because you are only mentioning things I have all ready done or checked into. I am trying to get things packed and I have a LONG list of things to do so I cannot waste anymore time on the phone." LOL She told me I was belligerent...ROFL! Maybe next time I will do your suggestion and then she can see what I am REALLY like when I am belligerent. :)