Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Bananas are no longer vegan?  How did this happen you might think.  Bananas are just not bananas anymore.  Bananas have always had an issue of turning quickly.  A scientist decided to tinker with things and see if there was a way to delay the ripening process.  Dr. Xihong Li developed a product that is a super absorbent type of hydrogel.  It is made of a product called chitosan and it is derived from shrimp and crab shells.  Yep, you heard right, shrimp and crab shells!  The chitosan gel is sprayed on bananas to slow the respiration process of the bananas and thereby slowing down the ripening process. The chitosan also kills the bacteria that causes bananas to rot.  Though the shelf life of bananas will increase what if a consumer has a shellfish allergy?  If you want to read more on this story in the Science Daily click HERE.

The students at the Plum Borough School District are protesting.  High school students are upset the lunches they are being served at school.  The group ( #BrownBagginIt) has gained so much popularity that they are trending number two in Philadelphia on Twitter.  The teens are complaining about the increased price and decreased quality of food.  One of the student's complained about the food being soggy and disgusting.  Have you eaten at your child's school?  Several years ago I went to my child's middle school and got the school lunch with them.  It is disgusting!  The lunch ladies are saying it is the new rules that made changes to the amount of calories and other requirements in the diet that is fed to the students.  I say, that is not the problem.  When I went to my child's school I was served a meal that had been cooked earlier (not even sure if it was that day or the day before) and was microwaved.  Who can blame students for complaining if that is what they are being served.  You can read more on this story in the Huffington Post by clicking HERE.

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Dr. B.J. Hardick, D.C. has written an article called How Doctors Do HarmDr. Hardick says we spend more than 1.5 times the amount of money on health care than any other country but we are ranked 50th in mortality and 47th in infant mortality.  Why is that?  Dr. Hardick believes we are not working on preventing diseases and are spending too much time treating (with pharmaceutical drugs) illnesses.  This is a great article and I hope you can read it!

Would it shock you, dear reader, if I said universities and cancer clinics are being funded by big pharmaceutical companies?  Cancer is a billion dollar industry for the pharma companies.  Why would they want to CURE that?  What about funding universities?  The pharma companies fund the universities so they can get research done on the cheap AND get to write it off on their taxes.  Please read the article Universities and Cancer Clinics are all on the Take from Big Pharma Payoffs.

It will surprise you if you have not thought much on this topic before!


Can autism be cured? I think in some case, quite a few really, it can. A DAN or MAPS doctor can help discover the root cause of the health issues you child is experiencing and hopfully address the problem. I have seen some pretty amazing recoveries from autism myself. Do I think all autistic children can recover? Again, no, I do not. My daughter has autism and I think her autism is a symptom of her brain damage. That is something I cannot "fix." I you have food allergies, autoimmune issues or other autoimmune related diseases I think a DAN or MAPS doctor could help. At the worst it would not hurt. Please read HERE for more information.


I came across an article on Yahoo discussing the tend in baby names from today versus 100 years ago. I thought the article was funny because five years ago, when I went pick a name for my children, we purposely chose names from the family's grandparent and great-grandparents. I wanted names that were common enough at one point that people would know HOW to spell the name but the name was not super popular anymore. That is why my daughters were named Martha and Margaret. The boys were James (still rather popular) and Joseph. I LOVE the kids names. It is not like I say their names to someone and they have no idea how to spell it. The names are classic but not common. Interesting on how trends change!


Final news bit for the night. It was a busy day today....lol. I came across a page on 10 Wacky Science Project Ideas. It is fun science things to do with kids! There is the Coke and Mentos experiment. Lots of fun and messy! How to make GAK (slime) and your own lava lamp. Plus several other fun ideas. Science is fun! :)


Thanks for reading my news bits. I hope you found something useful!

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