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Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week!

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This week has been Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week.  Many people have NO idea what mitochondrial (mito) disease is and I know I did not until last year.  This is the reason getting the muscle biopsy is SO important for me.  It is one of the ways you can test for mito disease.  This maybe something Joseph is suffering from.  

In gaining information on mito disease I have met many people who struggle to live on a daily basis.  You see, mitochondria are the power houses of the cells in your body.  When mitochondria do not function properly your body is robbed of the energy it needs to function.  If this continues over time major organs are effected including the brain.  

Symptoms of mito disease can be ANY of the following:

Brain:                                                     Nerves:
Developmental delays                              Weakness (May be intermittent)
Dementia                                               Absent Reflexes
Neuro-psychiatric disturbances                 Fainting
Migraines                                               Neuropathic Pain
Autistic Features                                     Dysautonomia (problems with automatic functions of the body)
Mental retardation
Atypical cerebral palsy

Muscles:                                     Kidneys:                                Heart:                                                   
Weakness                                   Renal Tubular Acidosis           Heart Blockages
Cramping                                      or Wasting                           Cardiomyopathy
GI problems
Irritable Bowel Syndrome               Liver:                                   Eyes and Ears:
Hypotonis                                    Hypoglycemia                       Visual Loss/Blindness
Muscle Pain                                 Liver Failure                          Ptosis
Gastroesophogeal Reflux                                                          Ophthalmoplegia
Diarrha or Constipation                                                             Hearing Loss
Pseudo-obstruction                                                                  And other symptoms

Pancreas & Other Glands:                                     Systemic Failure:
Diabetes and exocrine pancreatic                           Failure to Gain Weight          Short Stature
  failure (not make digestive enzymes)                     Fatigue                                 Respiratory Problems
Parathyroid Failure (low calcium)                           Unexplained Vomiting

Think Mitochondrial Disease when three or more organs systems are involved!

Please read the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation website for more information.  It is a great resource staffed with great people! (The hyperlink is there. It is just blending

PS.  In case you did not catch it... The color for Mitochondrial Awareness is green.  So if you have seen homes with green lights on the front porch or green ribbons around this week you can bet they know someone with mito.    : )

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