Saturday, September 22, 2012

Countdown to Homelessness: 8 Days

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I had grand ambitions to have a garage sale today but I just can't get it together.  I don't have a lot of places to display the things  want to sell and I need to get the things that have been packed out of my way.  I was hoping to get some money to rent a storage room.  It looks like I will not be able to take much with me so every thing else has to be stored.  I will be taking the crib mattresses of Margaret and Joseph's beds.  Our clothes. Some kitchen and food stuff.  That will be it.  Everything else has to make it to storage, be sold, given away or thrown in the trash.

I spoke to my mother again last night.  I like talking to people when I am having anxious fits. LOL   She said she and others have thought about it and "they" think I should come back to Alabama.  I reminded her we have had this conversation before.  If I went back I cannot make it.  She said I could with her help.  I told her, "Why would I want to give up a job that I have worked for professionally?  A job that would allow us to support ourselves or be close to it along with State benefits? Plus, it would be a slap in the face to the 235 people I beat out for this job position.  I AM TAKING THIS JOB!"  She kinda chuckled at that point and said, "That's true.  You were offered the job over 200 people."  Maybe she got my point this  This job is basically everything I have worked for and wanted professionally.  I am only sad because everything is happening a year sooner than I wanted.  I am mostly worried about Joseph.  I don't want to put his health at risk but other than that I am happy for us all.  I just have to figure out HOW I am going to make the transition happen!

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The electric company, I am afraid, will have to wait for their payment.  I have pretty much been convinced NOT to pay them.  This means the power will be shut off in the house on Friday.  I checked with John to make sure he was taking the kids this weekend.  It is suppose to be his weekend.  When I spoke to him he said he was not sure what I was doing.  I said I would be in town and taking care of the house.  That I did not have enough money to leave town until the first.

Me: I wanted to make sure you were taking them on Friday because the electricity is going to be shut off John: What are you doing about the water, gas and cable that are still in my name?
Me: Call and have them turned off on the First.  Then take the money out of the child support like you have been doing.
John: Okay.  That will take away some of your money to move.  I could skip paying them for a month and take the money out in November.  At least you should have a paycheck by then.
Me: Okay.

What else was I going to say?  You could cover the $250 worth of expenses since you did not help with any of the moving expenses?  I could but then again I did not want to pick a fight.  I would imagine I will be hurting for money just as bad in November since I will be trying to catch up with expenses and pay child care.  At least this is a problem that will move to November and I can worry about it then.

One day at a time.  It is ALL I can handle right day at a time...


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