Monday, September 17, 2012


John came over for his two hours of visiting the children tonight and I left the house.  I took off in my car and headed over to a local wi-fi hotspot and I am sitting in my car with the windows rolled down playing on my computer.  It is SO humid outside tonight!   LOL

I am just enjoying the quiet time here. I can get some work done on the blog.  I was busy today trying to make some phone calls and get some packing done.  The kids are SO curious!  I was out in the sun room area of our house trying to go through the boxes out there.  It is a lot of their baby stuff and the kids were having a great time!  I was able to pull some things out where I had hand prints or pictures of them when they were just little babies.  They were loving  Called UCLA and I was told the doctor STILL had not finished reviewing Joseph's medical records so NO appointment!  Called the UMOM homeless shelter again but still no reply.  Called the   pulmonologists and got an appointment for Joseph but not until the end of the month.  It will cost me $70 to see him so I am waiting.  I need to start looking for specialists in the Phoenix area for the children and making appointments.  For many specialists there is at LEAST a two month wait to get in so I want to make sure I am on the ball.

Before I left the house I had been listening to the children screaming for the last 90 minutes.  I did not stop it because it was happy  They were having fun.  Joseph was on a small ride-on toy, Margaret was in a large dump truck and James was on his scooter board.  They were all pushing themselves around the "track" in my house and chasing one another.  One would scream and another would scream in reply.  It was hard on the ears but I am glad they were having fun.

Earlier today one of the things James mentioned to me was Shawn. James said Shawn is Daddy's friend.  So I asked if Shawn was a girl or boy and James said she was a girl.  So I asked if Shawn was little like James or big like Mommy and James said, "Big like you silly!"   So I texted John...

Me: Who is Shawn? Boy, girl, work friend, church friend or what?
John: Why are you concerned?
Me: Because he knows a lot about them and you have not mentioned them.  Just as I am sure you would be curious if the situation was reversed.
John: Not particularly.
Me: If she is someone you are seeing then you should just say so.
John: It is not.  It is A friend from church.

Notice he does not say if Shawn is a boy or girl.  He does not tell me much.  It seems to me if he was interested in getting back together with me he would be forthright.  Also am I SO out of line for wanting to know the people who are around my children when I am not there?

Tonight I have to go to bed early.  I have to roll out of bed at 5am and get the kids out of the house by 5:30am.  I have an appointment for Joseph to have his blood drawn at 6am.  This way he will not be starving for too long since this is a fasting thing.  It will be a LONG day tomorrow!  Hopefully the children will want to nap.  One can dream....

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