Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's My Birthday!

Yea!  It's my birthday!!!  It is not everyday that one turns 40!  In some ways I am sad I am 40.  I would love to turn back time and be celebrating my 30th birthday instead today.  On the other hand I will not grieve for the time I have lost.  Some decisions in my life I have made and they turned out GREAT and others have been an unmitigated mess but I cannot say I am sad or sorry for my choices.  I have five wonderful children and one little angel.  I love them all!

I have two older children.  I do not talk about them a lot here because I am not sure they would appreciate it.  My oldest son, Jerrin, will be 20 at the end of October.  He and his fiance are expecting a child in February.  This will be my first grandchild!  I have been trying to contact my son for over a week now and he finally called today.  It was SO nice to hear from him.  I had been worried since no one had heard from him in at least a couple of weeks.

Then my oldest daughter, Caitlin, I had spoken to yesterday.  She celebrated her 18th birthday on the 2nd.  She told me Happy Birthday and said she had even read my blog.  She is a sweet kid, for the most part...lol, but I do enjoy talking her since we seem to have the same sense of humor.  She is working hard in college and this is her first year here.  I am proud she is doing such a good job!

The  little children were excited.  They were happy and excited to celebrate my birthday with me.  :)  We went out and I let them pick my birthday cake and ice cream. We had a good time.  I got a chocolate mousse cake.  Yum!  Then we got two small containers of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.  We got Cherry Garcia and American Dream. We ate half of the small container of Cherry Garcia tonight.  James and I thought it was delicious!  Poor Margaret on the other hand was NOT happy. She seems to be rather sensitive to cold stuff and she has a bad habit of holding the cold stuff in her mouth.  She took two bites of ice cream and on the third bite she screamed. She had BIG fat tears in her eyes and her mouth was hanging open with ice cream in it.  I had her spit it out and I knew she must be experiencing an ice cream headache or brain freeze.  My POOR baby!  I held her and dried her eyes.  I asked her if she was better now and she said, "Yep" and took off to play...lol.  You have to give her an A+ for resilience.  : )

When I got the cake out the kids were buzzing around.  I put candles on it and let James, Margaret and Joseph blow them out.  James and Margaret were having a blast but Joseph seemed scared of the fire on the candles.  He did not want to get too close. Over the holiday weekend my whatever (husband, soon-to-be-ex, or something) had the children.  When he dropped them off yesterday he told me Joseph had fallen down four stairs at his place.  OMG, you should see the damage done to his lip and chin!!!  It was awful!  Joseph really has no business on stairs and that worries me.  I have all ready had to pull his two front teeth  because they keep getting banged up when he fell but now the next two teeth are getting the brunt of the damage.  At this rate I am going to be told those must be pulled too.

I am too exhausted tonight but I will post pictures tomorrow.  I don't know why I am so tired but while I am sleepy I want to take advantage of it and actually sleep.   I tend to be an insomniac and can't ever get sleep.  This has worsened with the break-in of my house.  So now I am going to head off to bed and I will get pictures up tomorrow.  I am looking forward to scanning  in a bunch of old pictures and I will post several of them online.

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