Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back to the Melmed Center and Other Interesting Things!

Being Yelled At By The Big Boss
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My life is still busy.  I am taking a timeout for a bit this weekend so I can get some of my thoughts down on paper.  I have been working on my big project for work.  It has been SO stressful the last two weeks.  As the deadline for my project was coming I kept finding out people were pushing up the due date.  The environmental consultant working with me suffered an anxiety attack the night before the project was due and I was so stressed out my eye was twitching (the sign *I* get when I am SUPER stressed) and my back muscles between my shoulder blades was sore letting me know the muscles were in knots. Yesterday (Saturday) I left the children for a bit and had a massage done.  I could have spend the money on other things but I BADLY needed to destress from the week.  Starting on Monday (April 15th) I got to a meeting and was later yelled at by the BIG boss.  During the meeting my Section Manager was called in and I was called to task for what had been going on but in my defense there was nothing I could have done better and my Section Manager stood up for me.  I am VERY grateful he did that!  Monday is also when I found out my deadline for my project (originally due April 22) was pushed up again to Wednesday evening (April 18).  The consultant and I scrambled even harder to get everything completed on time.  We did make it but not without getting yelled at by several people along the way.  Stress from this project, for everyone working on it, was running high!  Even now we are not finished but the bulk of the project, the part we said we would complete, IS finished!  I swear I have NEVER felt such a sense of accomplishment in getting something completed!  This project will continue to need additional work but at least it should not be as stressful (I hope!).

Recap of things....

April 4th I was able to speak to a human being at the Phoenix Children's Speciality Clinic.  Last time I called I did get to speak to someone but only after I was on hold for about 45 minutes.  I am not lying!!!  I was at work and had the call on my cell phone bluetooth so I could listen AND keep track of the time.  I was able to see the time when someone finally answered the phone.... 43 minutes and 18 seconds.  NEVER have I been on hold for SO long!  At that call I was told someone from the office would call me back in two weeks (after my insurance gave approval for the referral) and I could set up an appointment for the children to see the psychologist.  I was asked (by the Melmed Center) to have the children tested and evaluated by a psychologist to determine cognitive function and academic skills. I waited until three weeks had passed and called back because I had not heard from anyone. Honestly I NEVER expect a doctor's office to call me back, because I have not seen it  I called back and got someone in a mere 12 minutes.  I was pleased to hear the insurance had approved everything so I got to set the appointments for the children.  They started July 11th and go further out.  Just glad to get the ball rolling on that one!  Finally!

April 10th I had my appointment to my Primary Care Physician (PCP).  Since I was a new patient I had to wait THREE months to get in to see Dr. Baier. When I was SUPER ill over the winter and went to the Urgent Care I was SO sick that I should have seen a doctor sooner.  Even when I went to the doctor at the Urgent Care I was not given the medicine I needed to stop my coughing including an inhaler.  From the time I was last sick to now I cannot breathe right.  I told the new PCP and she said not to worry.  It might be the pollution level in Phoenix or allergies.  Not to worry???   LOL   She does not know me well!  SHe give me a prescription for an inhaler.  That will be much nicer.  The new doctor said if I was ever sick like that again to come and see her IMMEDIATELY and she would get me in!  Wow!  That is a HUGE relief!  I also got a bunch of blood work I have to do so I set an appointment for this Wednesday (April 24).  Got to get the blood work completed and check back into the doctor.

April 17th I got James's paperwork in from the Melmed Center.  It is the write up on the clinical diagnosis that was sent to the children's regular pediatrician.  It basically stated that James is very bright but he is fixated with certain items of interest, he cannot hold a 2-way conversation, he does not maintain eye contact during a conversation and socially he is very immature. With all these characteristics James meets the diagnostic criteria for autism.  So James was officially diagnosed with autism for the state of Arizona.  Just one more child to go...Joseph!  Got to get his paperwork that was sent to the regular pediatrician.

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On April 18th Margaret went to her appointment at the Melmed Center.  I was glad she finally got to go.  It was ONE of the worst times as far as my big project was concerned because I needed to deliver information to and be seated in a meeting in Holbrook.  Instead I pulled several stings and told people I could NOT go because I had set this doctor's appointment with this specialist about 4.5 months ago so I was NOT going to miss the appointment now!  I took Margaret to her the office appointment.  It was nice to just have Mommy and Margaret going out alone.  I am hoping I will be able to do that more with her soon.  Anyways, we leave the house and Margaret is whining.  Bailey had told her she was going to the doctor. This got her upset because she was starting to worry she was going to get shot with a needle.  That is a long story on how/why that would bother her so I will skip it for now. We get there and I reassure her that she is going to be okay.  We went inside and she say the large fish tank.  She kept asking me questions about the fish.  She asked me where they lived, what were they doing and she kept saying over and over again that they were happy...LOL.  We met with the doctor there and she did fine with the physical exam expect that she kept staring and whining at the resident developmental pediatrician that was following Dr. PeBentio.  Once we get to Dr. PeBenito's office and Margaret saw she could play with toys she settled down.  The doctor and I start discussing Margaret's medical history.  The good news, compared to Joseph's medical history, Margaret's is rather easy. I told the doctor that Margaret had been diagnosed with autism in Nevada by the school district AND a pediatrician but the state of Arizona would not could that work so we were in her office today. I said I believe that autism, for most people, is not a disease but a symptom of something else going on.  I told Dr. PeBentio that I had genetic testing on Margaret completed and nothing was found.  I next had an MRI done and she was diagnosed with hypoxic brain injury.  I explain what type and where she has brain damage.  I said her brain damage explains her impulsive behavior, short attention span (though it may be auditory processing problems but not sure at this age and the doctor said she do not test until children are eight), and speech issues. The doctor agreed with me.  She said she had no problem with giving Margaret her diagnosis of autism.  So I walked out of the appointment with her autism diagnosis and that was one of my main goals. Yea me!  Hopefully I can get her services here.  It has been SO hard to get therapy services for her here because Phoenix does not have many private therapists.  They seem to be working with DDD or the school district. Since Las Vegas had a school that graduated PAs and therapists while Phoenix has a school that graduates doctors of various specialties.  Some of the surplus therapists from Vegas NEED to move to Phoenix!!!   I am going to have to deal with DDD and get the children on the Long Term Care system here to get them the services they need.

This brings me to what I did on April 19th.  I called their Long Term Care case worker and told her I was sorry I did not get the paperwork filled out but I had a HUGE project and I had to get it completed first.  After a bit of a conversation she said she understood and was going to help me.  She closed out their case and started it over again.  I told her I would stop by her office Monday afternoon since the office headquarters is not far from where I work.  I told her I would bring in all their information.  This would be helpful in get the paperwork going again.  She also said she would do what she could to expedite the process.  Heck, even if she does nothing the offer to help was GREATLY appreciated!  So this is what I have to do Monday along with my work stuff.  This is why I have been busy lately and not blogging.

Something else that has been slowing me down blogging is John.  No, it is not his fault really....I just enjoy spending time with him and I rarely have any time alone to blog (since I am trying to relax I am making it a point to blog; which I find relaxing).  After the work week I rarely feel like dragging out my computer and working since I had been on a computer all week.  When John comes to visit (which as been every other weekend lately) I stay and hang out with him. It is amazing how much things have changed between us.  I don't think we were going to make it before/during the dark days of our marriage but I can see it is possible for us to be happy again and for a LONG time I was not sure that could happen.  I enjoy spending time with him and talking (listening) to him.  He and I both realize how important it is that we start communicating again.  That ONE item alone has made a difference!  Seems to blatant and simple but we just could not manage it for the last few years.

Now my dear reader you are about as caught up as I am on my life as I am.  I know, that is not saying much at the moment but I am living by the seat of my pants.  I will be going into work tomorrow by 6:30am or 7am and work until 4pm to 5pm.  Each day I have a LOT to do at work and then I try and manage my home life and the children as best I can.  Each day passes too quickly.  I miss the children.  I wish I was there with them more.  I am hoping things for work will slow down after June and I can spend more time focused on them and John too.  John will be here for the summer and hopefully coming to stay. One day at a day at a is all I can do and slowly... I am making it...

Picture from our trip to Tumbleweed Park in Chandler today.
Glad I got to spend some time with them today and wear
them out before bed 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Day Before Monday...

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Lately that is how I have been feeling about life and work.  The weekend is NEVER long enough, I have too many errands to do and I am wanting to accomplish more than I can.  I have taken the children to several appointments.  Actually, just recently, John was kind enough to take all the children to the dentist for me.  I went with him when we had to take James and Margaret.  James was being a bit of a pain but Margaret did great for her.  Normally she vomits somewhere along the way but this time she kept her cool and was able to get her teeth cleaned.  I was amazed! James also did well too.  Both children allowed the dentist to look at their teeth, take x-rays, clean their teeth and brush them with the rotary brush (this really surprised me because I thought the noise would bother them). The good news is there are not problems with the teeth! Yea!

The next day Joseph went.  He did a good job. He did not complain about having his teeth cleaned.  The dentist said his molars were not infected with cavities but they are demineralized.  He will be having a problem soon with cavities I am afraid.  I need to see what I can do to strengthen his teeth.

Work is a whirlwind at the moment.  I worked a lot of hours recently but if I can get this project pulled off it is practically historic.  I want to spill more about what I am working on but I don't think I can until this project is over.  It should be completed by the end of the month.

Having Funs Showing Off the New Shirts They Made!