Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Day Before Monday...

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Lately that is how I have been feeling about life and work.  The weekend is NEVER long enough, I have too many errands to do and I am wanting to accomplish more than I can.  I have taken the children to several appointments.  Actually, just recently, John was kind enough to take all the children to the dentist for me.  I went with him when we had to take James and Margaret.  James was being a bit of a pain but Margaret did great for her.  Normally she vomits somewhere along the way but this time she kept her cool and was able to get her teeth cleaned.  I was amazed! James also did well too.  Both children allowed the dentist to look at their teeth, take x-rays, clean their teeth and brush them with the rotary brush (this really surprised me because I thought the noise would bother them). The good news is there are not problems with the teeth! Yea!

The next day Joseph went.  He did a good job. He did not complain about having his teeth cleaned.  The dentist said his molars were not infected with cavities but they are demineralized.  He will be having a problem soon with cavities I am afraid.  I need to see what I can do to strengthen his teeth.

Work is a whirlwind at the moment.  I worked a lot of hours recently but if I can get this project pulled off it is practically historic.  I want to spill more about what I am working on but I don't think I can until this project is over.  It should be completed by the end of the month.

Having Funs Showing Off the New Shirts They Made!

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