Thursday, December 31, 2015

Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me In!

DYI Piggy Bank for Margaret and Joseph
I have been busy trying to clean up my house and reorganize the playroom to turn it more into a classroom.  While we were cleaning it was brought to my attention that Joseph no longer had a piggy bank.  I used to have a small ceramic piggy bank for each of the children but over the years and through various moves I the piggy banks have gotten broken.

We go through a TON of pickles in our house.  Everyone likes to eat them as a snack and eat them with popcorn. So I have several pickle jars sitting around.  I made Margaret's piggy bank first.  I took the clear jar and lid and sealed the lid back onto the jar.  I took the largest flat head screwdriver I could find and punched a hole in the lid for the money to slide through. You can see on the picture on the right where I created the opening for Joseph's piggy bank.

Next I went started to wrap the duct tape around the jar (image on left).  As I took the tape around I overlapped the edge a bit and then cut off the tape,  I went up just enough where the tpae edges just overlapped and completed one more row. I took scraps and put some of the take on the inside of the lid over the sharp metal edge.  It was not too sharp but can't be too careful when little fingers are around! See picture on the right.

Finally I covered the lid.  I laid down the tape in one direction and pushed it into all the crevaces of the lids and cut the excess tape off with sharp scissors. Then I put the final two pieces across the lid in another direction and repeated what I did earlier. This seems to have covered the lid well.  I left a bit of the glass open so the kids could see into the bank without having to open the lid.  The kids couldn't be more thrilled with the results and mom is happy too.  Why?  Well, I do need to start paying them for some chores so that's the bad news but to get their piggy banks completed that was cheap and easy!  Next we will make a tithing bank and a savings bank.  It will be a good lesson for the children.

Happy New Years!