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Vaccines and the California Measles Outbreak

If there are doctors who have taken the time to read the full package
insert on vaccines I have not met them yet. Typically they rely
on the handouts from the CDC.  Photo courtesy of

I don't believe heavily in vaccinations for lots of reasons. For full disclosure I did vaccinate my children until they were about 12 to 18 months old before I started to realized the potential hazards of vaccines.  I don't get my information from celebrities but medical journal articles. 

Rarely are unvaccinated children the cause of an outbreak. Normally the cause is someone traveling out of the US (or entering the US from a foreign country). These are called import cases. In the articles listed below, the fourth paragraph down, states that 99% of the 159 measles cases were import associated. From January 1, 2013 to August 24, 2013, there were no deaths were recorded due to measles.

Even in the most recent outbreak in California less than half of the people that got the measles were unvaccinated children. In the last paragraph the article details ten people who had been out of the country and they are the ones that probably brought the measles back. In the United States measles is not prevalent due to proper sanitation, improved hygiene and good nutrition.  

Here is a post from Facebook from Dr. Bob Sears.  I like him because he provides a fair and honest evaluation concerning the California measles outbreak. 

Orange County Measles Epidemic . . . Not (yet, anyway)!

Wow. Who would have thought that a few simple sentences in my last post would cause such an uproar? If you missed it, check it out below. All it says is “don’t panic. If your child hasn’t had a measles vaccine, you can get one now. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, don’t panic, because there are only seven cases (at the time).” That’s it.
But it’s interesting what people took from it:
Some people seem to believe the post advises people to not get the vaccine, which the post clearly doesn’t say. The post says get the vaccine, or don’t – it’s up to you. I guess what the vaccine militants wanted me to say, instead, is that every single person, without fail, should get the vaccine no matter what.

Some have attacked me for starting a measles outbreak seven years ago in my waiting room, which is false because no one with measles has ever even been inside my office (except for one child about 15 years ago who came down with a live measles infection from the vaccine, which is pretty rare but known to happen); so much for journalistic integrity for whoever wrote that (to be fair, most journalists do have integrity).

Some took my post to say that the MMR vaccine causes autism. WTF? The post doesn’t even include the “A” word.

Oh, and some thought my post said measles is harmless. My post didn’t even comment on the severity of the disease at all. Of course measles is sometimes harmless. It’s a tough disease. It’s no fun at all. The measles chapter in the book makes that very, very clear. My mistake though – I didn’t reiterate that in the post. So, for the record, measles CAN be very serious. It RARELY causes severe complications though. Almost everyone who catches measles here in the U.S. will be fine. You’ll be sick for a week, need to be quarantined, then you’ll be fine. IF your case is typical. BUT, in a small percentage of cases, even in the U.S. where we don’t have Vitamin A deficiency and protein malnutrition, complications can occur. About 1 in 1000 may die from it (studies vary – some say 1 in 3000, some say 3 in 1000). We haven’t had a measles death in the U.S. in over 10 years. But you know what? We will someday. May be this year. May be next. May even be here in the O.C. Every death from a vaccine-preventable disease is tragic. I’ve never said otherwise. So, just to make a few of you pro-vaccine militants happy, there you go. Measles can be bad. In developing countries with malnourished children, it’s even worse.

But for most, it’s a harmless disease. Old pediatric textbooks call measles a harmless and routine disease of childhood. IN DEVELOPED, WELL-NOURISHED COUNTRIES, for most people, that’s true. But not for all.

Finally, some love to blame me for the outbreak. As if people aren’t getting the MMR vaccine because of me. In the measles chapter of the book, AND in my alternative vaccine schedule, the MMR vaccine is very clearly listed at 1 year and 5 years. I very clearly recommend the vaccine in the book.

The post was simple – there’s a small outbreak, don’t panic. Get the vaccine or don’t. Up to you. Perhaps I should have said, “It’s really NOT up to you. It’s your social responsibility to get your children fully vaccinated so you don’t infect others. That way, NO ONE would ever need to have measles.” Keep reading – more on this later.

So, now we have about 21 cases in Orange County. We all knew it wouldn’t stop at seven. In my last post I gave a heads up that we’d see more. I thought maybe a few more, and didn’t think it would jump to 21. But it did. 5 cases are children, all unvaccinated. 5 are healthcare workers exposed to patients. They were vaccinated when younger, but the vaccine had worn off. As for the other 11 cases, I don’t know. Those details weren’t disclosed. But they are adults, according to the public health department notice. The outbreak won’t die out until everyone who’s been exposed either gets infected (which will be a very small few) or doesn’t, because they’ve been immunized or their immune system fights it off. Most outbreaks nationwide are restricted to a small number. The largest outbreaks from last year (58 in New York and 20 in Texas) occurred because the exposures were in large groups of unvaccinated people. Here in the O.C., almost everyone is vaccinated, so we are unlikely to see such a large outbreak. But it WILL extend a bit more. Who knows what the final number will be? But in the absence of a large unvaccinated group, it isn’t likely to spread much more than it has now. IF it hits a particular school or group where many are not vaccinated, it will likely spread through that group.

Finally, a message to those who chose to not get the MMR vaccine. I would still say don’t panic. The chance that your child will be caught up in this small outbreak is still very low. I understand your reasons for not wanting the vaccine. Every parent is required to read the CDC-mandated list of side effects to every vaccine before it is given. And the list of side effects to the MMR vaccine is quite daunting, and would scare any parent. You’ve probably read this list and opted out of the vaccines. The CDC handout tones it down a bit, but the MMR vaccine product insert doesn’t. And that’s what is spelled out in the measles chapter of the book. I simply list the side effects as described in the vaccine product insert. So, if any mandatory vaccine militants are going to be mad at me for that, then what you are really saying is that parents should NOT receive informed consent about this medical treatment. They should NOT be informed of the risks of a vaccine; they should just be reassured that the risks are small, they don’t need to worry their pretty little heads about the details, and just go ahead with the vaccine. If that’s how you feel, then you are justified in being angry with me. For the rest of you who like to follow proper medical procedure and medical ethics, you provide informed consent for vaccinations. Allow the parents to be involved in this decision. Some will decide NOT to vaccinate; this puts their child at a small risk of disease, and it poses a risk of their child spreading the disease to other unvaccinated or too-young-to-be-vaccinated or those-who-got-vaccinated-but-it-didn’t work (I don’t think that was grammatically correct), but parents have that right to make that decision.

If we could guarantee that every single dose of MMR vaccine would be harmless to every child who received it, then we could be justified in making the vaccine mandatory. Since that’s not the case, we must allow parents to decide.

Bottom line: if your child has had one vaccine, then there is a 95% likelihood that he or she is protected. If two doses, it’s about 98 to 99%. So, you’re in good shape. You likely have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in this outbreak, some adults will lose their immunity, and may catch the disease. If you decided to not get the vaccine yet, then you have a decision to make. Read all the pros and cons. Understand the side effects of the vaccine as well as the disease. Consider the importance of public health protection. If you were planning to have your child get the vaccine at some point anyway, but you were waiting until an older age, maybe now’s a good time to consider it. But the outbreak is still small enough where you don’t have to rush into it. If you decide against the vaccine, the disease risk is still acceptably low. Stay tuned.

Often vaccines do not confer a life long immunity to a disease so it gives people a false sense of safety against the disease. This is somewhat prevalent in measles and is definitely seen in whooping cough. (Fourth paragraph down)

Have you read a package insert for the MMR? Here is the package insert from the MMR II made by Merck. On page six it says there have been no animal studies to determine if the vaccines can affect reproductive capacity. At the end of page six is the start if adverse reactions. These include vasculitius, diabetes, anaphalaxis, arthritis, Guillian-Barre syndrome, seizures, encephalophy, and death. There are many more side effects that I did not list (both severe and not so severe).

As the old saying's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.  That is the way I feel about vaccines.  IF you are the unlucky parent of a child injured by a vaccine (yes, it DOES happen) then YOU have to deal with the aftermath!  You cannot sue the doctor or manufacturer of the vaccine for compensation to help pay all the medical expense YOU will now have to deal with.  This is due to legislation passed by Congress called the
National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34).  Since 1989 the National Vaccine Injury Compensation (VICP) has awarded 2.7 Billion dollars in damages!  Often vaccine injuries are self reported by doctors so the number of vaccine injuries could be much higher than listed on VAERS.  It is not easy to win a case in the vaccine injury court.  Here are three links to give you an idea of what happens.

I often hear the argument to get my children vaccinated for the greater good. Do you know what? The greater good would not be taking care of my child if they were injured from a vaccination...that would be my job. So, since its my job, then I feel like I should have the decision left to me.  I should be able to choose to risk my child's health by vaccination or take the risk of the miniscule chance they will catch the disease. It is a bit of a gamble either way. With the general lack of prevalence of infectious disease and I home school my children the likelihood of them catching an infectious disease is pretty low.  I think I will continue to not vaccinate.  Sorry greater good.   

Also have you ever thought about the connection between the CDC and pharmaceutical companies? There is a very close tie there. This is part of the reason why the CDC pushes for more vaccines than ever. The bill discussed in the article was not passed due to pressure from the large pharmaceutical lobbyists.
I've put a lot of thought and research into vaccinations. I don't think I should have my parental rights questioned when it comes to medical decisions concerning MY children. That is why I disagree with what Colorado and several other states have done but more on the erosion of parental rights in another blog post. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#freeJustina Pelletier and How the Government Can Steal Your Child

Some of the latest news on the #freeJustina Pelletier case...

The parents went to court on Monday, March 17th, as the judge directed to hear the judges' decision on the placement of Justina.  Once again, Judge Joseph Johnson, added insult to injury by not making any decision.  He said he was going to make a decision by Friday.  Why Friday?  Your guess is as good as mine.  It makes no sense really.  How can the judge keep postponing the decision?  Hasn't the 13 months Justina has been in Massachusetts DCF's custody enough time to make a decision on the family or even the placement of Justina? 

Monday was also the day Justina's situation appeared on Dr. Phil.  I am thankful he gave more national coverage to the plight of Justina!  I included a clip from the show. If you look around a bit on You Tube you can find the full episode if you want to watch. In the full episode you can see the shock of the head of Child Protective Services in Los Angeles.  This case is appalling and there seems to be no end in sight of the wrong doing of Mass. DCF and Judge Johnson!

So why isn't Justina home yet or at least on her way there?  In a very telling radio interview constitutional attorney Mat Staver, of the Liberty Coalition, spills the details of court documents he had obtained.  Apparently Judge Johnson can order a child removed and custody be given to DCF; however, when he issues an order to return Justina DCF can ignore that order!  What you say?  Yes, the Judge wanted to return Justina to her family MONTHS ago but DCF has been ignoring his court order. 

If you are like me then you begin to wonder...  How in the heck can DCF ignore a judge's court order.  It is pretty simple really.  In an article from MassOutrage the group details just how corrupt DCF really has become in the twenty years! According to the article a couple of court case decisions back in 1995 gave DCF almost complete control of the children in its custody.  The only way a judge would interfere is if someone can prove they used an "abuse of discretion."  Normally one would think this is a good idea but judges have turned a blind eye to abuse of children given out BY DCF but if a parent had done the same action DCF would have swooped in and taken the children away.  You can't even sue DCF because they have been granted "qualified immunity."  Basically the ONLY way you could sue DCF is if they violate a "clearly established" constitutional right (which is why you NEVER open your door to a DCF worker!... Fourth Amendment). 

So what are clearly established constitutional rights?  They are rights specifically listed as being protected in your state or federal constitutions such as free speech.  Parental rights are considered "reserved powers."  This means that it is a power not specifically given to the government or by the constitution and belongs to the people under the Ninth Amendment of the Constitution.  ALL powers, including parental rights, which are not mentioned in the Constitution are kept by the people under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments (I did not know that!  Thanks MassOutrage!).  Since parental rights are reserved powers the government has the ability to take your child away whenever it sees fit. Why?  Because the government sees itself as the parent to people unable to take care of themselves (children, disabled and elderly). You birth them, love them, pay for them but the government OWNS them! Don't believe me?  Look it up!  Parens Patriae... In Wikipedia it defines parens patriae as a "public policy power of the state to intervene against an abusive or negligent parent, legal guardian or informal caretaker, and to act as the parent of any child or individual who is in need of protection. For example, some children, incapacitated individuals, and disabled individuals lack parents who are able and willing to render adequate care, thus requiring state intervention." So the government has reserved the right to have control over your children and you are only holding them for the government!  If you make the government mad (for any real or imagined reason) the government can seize control over your child.  You have NO POWER!  If the government takes your child your best hope if to pay for the very best attorney you can afford and fight them, politely but firmly, in court. (I did a lot of summarizing from the article on MassOutrage.  Please take the time to read the article in its entirety.  It really is a rather exceptional piece!)

This is EXACTLY what they have done to the Pelletiers.  They have been fighting alone, then they got help from the media, and the public.  Finally they have been getting help from billionaires, nationally recognized attorneys, national media, legislators, and many many others but DCF still has custody of Justina! DCF does not even have a plan to return her home to reunite her with her family!

Not to say the government doesn't need to step in sometimes for those that cannot defend themselves but the American people need to stand up and say, "NO MORE!."  We NEED a law, maybe even a constitutional law, protecting parents from false allegations by the government. To make the burden of proof, especially in cases were the child is being fought over concerning a difference in medical diagnosis, more difficult for the government to intervene.  We need to change the mind set of guilty until proven innocent back to innocent until proven guilty as our forefathers intended!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

#freejustina Pelletier and Measles

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I have continued to follow the case of Justina Pelletier.  I have to say I am appalled by what has been going on!  Tomorrow's court date will help to determine what will happen with Justina.  I pray she will be allowed to go home but I am worried that Massachusetts DCF will continue to fight for custody over her.  Once it was decided that Justina's original doctor from Tufts could resume care then DCF should have released her back into the custody of her parents.  That was the reason DCF and Boston Children's Hospital used to take custody from the parents in the first place.  Being child protective services (which does very little to really protect children) they LOVE to keep their hooks families to control what the parents can/cannot do with their children.  I hope tomorrow goes will for the Pelletier family!  They will be on Dr. Phil tomorrow (check you local listing).  I will be watching and I hope you will be too!

Some items you can do to help #freejustina :

1.  There is a group taking a survey for parents of children with rare and undiagnosed diseases.  If you have a child that fits into that category please take the time to go and fill out the survey.

2. People are working on doing a "Twitter storm."   If you have a Twitter account please participate!  Information can be found here...

It is not one shot but at least two. If you go
college then you get another shot and now
some adults are recommended to get a fourth
vaccination.  Not so sure the vaccination
confers immunity as the CDC says if you
need so many boosters!
Photo courtesy of
On to other news...

I hear a lot of flack occasionally about not vaccinating my children.  With Joseph having some disease that is undiagnosed I am in no hurry to vaccinate the children.  There was recently, a rather offensive opinion piece, published in the The Daily Beast titled Thanks, Anti-Vaxxers. You Just Brought Back Measles in NYC. The article was rather assertive. In 2000, when measles were declaired eradicated,  there were 89 cases.  So the extra 100 cases last year made for an outbreak?  Really?  There are roughly 318 MILLION people in the United States yet only 189 cases of the measles were reported last year. That was 0.0000006% of the population.  That is NOWHERE close to an outbreak to me!

From January 1 to August 24, 2013 the CDC reports some interesting information.  First, of the 159 cases reported to the CDC 157 of the cases were import-associated.  This means that someone went abroad and came to the US with the measles and infected others.  The US itself does not have a high incident of measles but other countries, with poorer nutrition and sanitation, have higher incidents of measles. Second, out of the 159 cases reported there were only 17 people hospitalized for some reason related to the measles.  Only FOUR people out of 17 had something more serious (pneumonia) and NO DEATHS were reported.  This is in stark contrast to the quotes I have been seeing saying about 30% of measles cases have serious complications.  IF ALL of the 17 cases that were hospitalized were done so for serious complications (and I doubt it or the CDC would have reported it) then only 10.7% of the measles cases caused a significant health problem. Not the 30% figure that is so often thrown around.  If, as I think, there were only FOUR serious complications for the measles (I would consider pneumonia serious) then only 2.5% of the measles cases caused a serious complication. Again, no where close to the 30% figure.  I think the CDC and others use that figure as a tactic to get people to vaccinate.  If you are wanting to read a bit more on measles and why there is no dire need to vaccinate then please read the blog post by titled Thanks, Pharma. You created the “anti-vaccine movement”.

I have done my research on vaccines and I have to say I would rather leave my children unvaccinated.  With the health issues they have and the low risk they will be exposed to measles I am not worried.  Even if they got the measles I think they would handle the disease just fine.  Then they would have a permanent immunity to measles versus the false hope they would never get it because they were vaccinated.