Friday, September 21, 2012

When it Rains...

I went out to the welfare office today and then went to the DMV.  On the way to the DMV the air conditioning went out in my van.  My van is old and I have been having problems with it.  After John left I had to cancel several appointments during the height of summer because I was afraid my car would not make it across town.  My brakes have never been fixed either.  This was something I told John I needed to do the month before he left.  So it is LONG over due.  

I was contemplating taking some of our stuff to Phoenix on a trailer if I could get the money together but now I know that will not be possible.  I would NEVER attach a heavy trailer to the back of the car without getting the brakes repaired first.  The air conditioning needs to be fixed too.  The hot weather is so rough on Joseph!  Just another thing, to add to my VERY long list of things, I cannot take care of right now.

On the plus side today I did make it to the DMV and got my driving record to send to my new job.  Hopefully I can get my job offer letter soon.  I also took care of getting handicap placards for my van.  With Joseph this will be a HUGE help!  When I get to Arizona I will not be able to get new plates for my van right away.  I will be working too hard on saving my money for other things.  So I wanted to make sure I had everything up to date in Nevada.  I was SO proud of the children at the DMV.  They were SO good the two hours we were there.  

I am rather upset with John though.  James watches the clock like a hawk and waits for three o'clock to come everyday so he can call John.  Today we were at the DMV so he was distracted but he noticed the clock on the wall (analog).  He said it's three (can only tell the and he wanted to call daddy.  I told him no. I was trying to fill out paperwork and it was SO busy and noisy there I thought it better to wait.  James never asked to call again today.  I was thankful of that though at 7pm he got excited thinking John was coming over.  I had to remind him John was not coming.  James cried a bit and then came to hug me and said, "I love you every day."  It broke my heart!  I knew he wanted daddy.  I cannot believe that John never called and asked to speak to James.  James all most always has to call first.  He knows how James is about seeing and talking to him.  By poor baby James!

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