Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dying from the flu (?)

Sorry I have not posted on here in awhile. Last week was the big children's consignment sale. The week before that I had school and I was working like a mad woman trying to get my clothing ready for consignment. In the process of that my carpal tunnel has acted up. I mean like the worst it has EVER been! I think it is due to fastening safety pins to everything. Then the week of the consignment sale I was finishing getting my things together. Trying to take care of the stuff for the school district so the children can begin services and working on school stuff.

Finally my carpel tunnel has subsided enough I can at least type again. I bought a lot of clothes for Margaret at the sale, I got only a few things for James and Joseph (that was all they needed, shoes for everyone, books, toys and Halloween costumes. The costumes are super cute! It had been a busy time. I wrapped up this past weekend shopping the sale and then promptly came down with what seems like the flu. Even right now I could take a nap if James would go to sleep. I am exhausted! I am sure I caught the flu from someone at the consignment sale and now I am doing all I can to limit my contact with the children so they do not get it.

I am tired and not even sure if this post is making I will be back later when I am feeling better. Stay tuned!!! :D

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  1. Sorry to hear you're sick. Hope you sold a ton of stuff. Aren't consignment sales great!

    I can't see your ads (maybe it's just me but I reloaded the page several times).