Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!


Halloween was fun! Poor John started to get sick earlier in the day but he held out as we took a walk around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. James was Sheriff Woody from Toy Story. He LOVES Toy Story so it was a perfect costume for him. James was really seeming to get into the idea and by the end was saying trick-or-treat and opening his bag for candy. Margaret was the tooth fairy. I have no idea why the tooth fairy specifically except that is what James called her when he saw her in her costume so it stuck....lol. Margaret was her typical self that night showing little safety awareness. She was running around without paying attention. John or I had to hold her bag. She ran around on the saidewalk (for the most part) singing the Wonderpets theme song...lol. The only really bad thing she did was reach out and pet a catus. This is the fourth one she has touched. You would think she would learn. I had to spend 45 minutes pulling needes out of her hand this morning. Joseph was a little ninja and I pushed him around in an umbrella stroller. He was having fun and I could hear him trying to say Halloween.
Overall we had a pretty good time. :D

First thing the kids did was look over the candy. I know this will sound weird but I was rather happy they wanted to eat the candy. As a rue the children will not eat candy and they have not really been into cake. I think this year for their birthday will be the first time they will eat their birthday cake! Anyways, they ate some of the chocolate candy. The chocolate candy was the only kind they would eat!

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