Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We're in Phoenix! (Well, Gilbert)

The last weekend of the move was SO tough on me!  I got eight, yes EIGHT, hours of of sleep from Friday morning to Sunday night!  I cannot remember the last time I went so long with so little sleep.  I am getting too old to be doing that kind of thing.  Wow!  Even now the time is heading to 11pm and Margaret just recently fell asleep.  She has been laying in the bed beside me signing Pinky Dinky Doo songs.  Poor thing!  I tried to stream an episode for them the internet at our hotel is NOT high speed (heck, it is not even medium speed...lol).  I was hoping to run around Phoenix some tomorrow but I think I may be staying at the hotel and making calls all day to see what I can do about everything. Plus if tonight is like last night I won't get much sleep anyways since the children are constantly making noises and waking me up.  Joseph woke up four times last night alone.

Tomorrow I will spend time telling about our trip here and all the other things that have been happening.  Good night!

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