Sunday, October 21, 2012

Things ARE Falling Into Place!!!

I am SO excited.  I finally got computer access at work.  Seriously, it was painful all the waiting this week! All I have been doing at work is reading material on HOW to do my job.  I am hoping to start next week to ACTUALLY get started learning my job.  I can't wait!

The housing situation...  I am ecstatic to report it looks like I have a hard lead on a house! It is in Gilbert near McQueen and Elliot.  The house is in a SUPER nice area and zoned for a nice school.  It is a place where the children and I can settle down and live comfortably for YEARS!  It has been SO long since I have had a house where I can stay for awhile.  The rent is affordable.  The house is spacious and has a nice backyard. The backyard is enclosed with a small covered patio area AND grass!  There are few homes in the Phoenix area I have seen that have grass.  Most have rock or dirt.  This one HAS grass!  The home is own by a property management company.  I had to fill out an application and sign it in blood (not really but it felt like I should have).  I had to ask my dad to put down money on this house and to co-sign for me since I do not have a recent work history.  So far it all looks good.  If I get this house I will be SO happy!

Babysitter/Nanny situation...  I am happy to report that Bailey may be moving in with me if I get this house.  I have also found a lady that can take the children for me too.  She runs a daycare in her home but she currently is not taking care of any children.  This is PERFECT for me.  For one thing the children are a handful all by themselves.  The second is that Joseph cannot be around a lot of other children since he could get sick.  Great situation.  This lady, Jennifer, is also older (my age and not 18), has raised children of her own and thinks taking my children would be FUN because it would be INTERESTING!  How AWESOME is that?  LOL   She says this now.  What until she meets  Jennifer also lives close to the possible house making that situation even better!  Jennifer can drive and is willing to drive the children to their doctor and therapy appointments if I can keep them close by.  So my thought is that Bailey can live with me.  I can get up super early and go to work.  Bailey and the children can sleep.  Once they are up Baily can wash the children, get them dressed and make breakfast.  Once they are fed Bailey can call Jennifer and she would come and get them for the rest of the day until I can come and get them.  Not a bad idea I think!

So job situation is improving and the people I work with are very nice.  The housing situation, with a LOT of help from my parents, might be fixed soon.  The child care situation is working out with some possible back ups. With Bailey AND Jennifer taking my children I would hope it would keep them from getting burned out.  The kids can be rough on people.  Just drive you NUTS some days!

Things are falling into place.  I think Bailey and her Grandfather have adopted us and to be honest I like that.  Being out here and knowing NO ONE makes me worried.  If something happens to me what would happen to the children?  Or me?  It is nice to know someone would be able to check on me.   : )


  1. I'm so excited for you to get a house!!

    1. Me too! To have a place where the children have room to play and roam will be AWESOME!