Friday, October 12, 2012

Multiples Who Terrorize Nannies

Whoever thought she would be such a terror?
Sounds like a bad episode of a reality TV show right?  Well, sadly, that is what my children did today.  : (    The first nanny candidate came over to watch the children.  I was close by because I did not want to worry. So I went to a local car wash.  When I got back about two hours later I pulled into my parking spot and I was stopped by the hotel manager.  She told me she knew I was gone.  I asked why and she said she had to help the nanny get my children back into the room...TWICE!  WHAT?  I was ONLY gone for two hours and there is only ONE way out of the room! Never would have thought that would have happened!  When I went to the room the first nanny did tell me they got out twice but she told me in passing and did not elaborate on it.  I did not ask any questions either.  When I heard the kids had gotten out twice AND she NEVER called me when the hotel manager and maintenance guy had to help her get the children back is a HUGE problem!  I was immediately turned off by that.

I was pinning my hopes on the second nanny.  She arrived and I talked to her for a bit before I left.  I had told the hotel manager I would be gone again today from 2pm to 4pm.  I said if she noticed ANY problem to give me a call and I would be right back!  I left and I got a soda from the Sonic that is right next door to the hotel.  I then left and drove down the road.  I got about two miles away when I got a call.  It was from the hotel manager.  She said the children ran away and the nanny was screaming for help. I said I would be right back.  I turned around and headed back.  The hotel manager and maintenance worker had gotten the kids back to the room and the second nanny was there too.  She was clearly in shock.  She said James went behind her back and opened the door.  When that happened he took off in one direction and then Margaret left taking off in another direction.  When that happened she panicked.  She screamed for help.  She had said she was unsure what to do.  I spoke to her for a bit.  I really think she could do the job but she was spooked.  I asked her if she was still interested in the job and she said she wanted to leave for today.  I told her to call or text me last night to let me know if she was interested in the job and I did not hear anything from her.  I am taking the "no-response" as a NO!

When I got back to the hotel a second time a lady was outside waiting on a taxi.  She said she also lived in the hotel and she is a professional babysitter.  I talked to her for a bit last night.  She came and played with the children for a bit.  I was there and she did fine.  She was at least as qualified and anyone I interviewed and she lived right there in the hotel so she did not have to commute. Her salary was in my price range and I told her if I did not hear back from the second nanny the position was hers.  Seems like I might have found a new nanny in the most of unlikely places.  Is she my Mary Poppins?  Only time will tell!


  1. Yay!! I hope the lady can help you out. Sometimes the least likely/ Surprise options are the best.

  2. I am hoping too. I hope she can at least handle them for a week or two to help me buy time to find someone else.

  3. I'm glad you were able to find (at least temporarily) someone to care for your kids.

    1. Thank you! I was really worried there for a bit. I still need to find someone who can fill the job on a more permanent basis.