Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Causing a Ruckus on Facebook!

Well my weekend was interesting!  How was yours?

Photo Credit: faqsocial.org
I have been on Facebook since April 2009 and overall I have enjoyed it.  I HATE when FB changes things around but otherwise I am happy.  I have been able to meet LOTS of WONDERFUL women from across the country with problems similar to mine.  Problems like having multiples, having multiples with special needs, special needs children who are not multiples or are otherwise "normal" and MANY others!  The other day one of the MOMs (Mothers of Multiples) I know added me to a multiples group on FB.  OMG, that set off the biggest crazy thing I had EVER experienced!  I actually left the FB multiples group in tears.  I was attacked in the group and out right called a fake.  I was accused of NOT having my multiple kiddos!

I had NEVER had that happen before.  I was told my story was wrong, James could not have come home when I said he did and not at the weight he did.  Then I was told I was just trolling for money and to get attention.  This woman did not know me nor all that I had been through.  She had determined I was a faker  and attacked me verbally in the room.  After getting upset because I had given access to a photo album with pictures of my children from birth to age two, agreed to meet a local MOM in the group AND was willing to accept a friend request where one can videos and pictures of my children over the years I was STILL attacked anyways!

A couple of the MOMs I knew on FB before I was added to that group signed into the social group and saw what happened.  They came to my defense but I had all ready left.  Seriously, I was in tears!  My life has been SO stressful at this point that the verbal attack I had endured that night sent me over the edge.  James was even concerned asking me why I was sad!  He is SUCH a sweet boy!  I told him some ladies had been mean to mommy on the computer but I am much better now.  He gave me a kiss.  Made my heart melt!  About another ten minutes later I had a couple of the MOMs I know along with an administrator to the group say they were sorry for what happened and asked me to come back.  That the woman who attacked me had left the group.  So I agreed to come back.  What a CRAZY experience! So far the other women the group have been nice and supportive but I have to say it is a carzy group in there.  Maybe this is what having multiples does to a woman?  What does that say about ME?  LOL

Recent picture of the children
It did get me to thinking though.  Why did I not remember the details of the babies birth, when they got home or really any other information until they got to be about two.  Looking back now I realize that I was in shock after Martha had died, then there was the risk Joseph could die at any minute and I was not getting NEAR enough sleep!  I did keep some logs of the babies details.  John was in charge of that sort of stuff but I wanted a record for myself so I had a log.  It was on a computer my oldest son used.  He loved playing multi-player games online.  The game he was playing was riddled with viruses.  This was when the kids were about a year old.  So I started a new log and the kids were getting Early Intervention services.  We started to go and see more doctors.  I was telling everyone (husband, therapists and doctors) that something was wrong with the children but I was being dismissed.  They were all saying the kids would "catch up" by their third birthday.  I knew they were wrong but no one would really listen.  I spent LONG hours at my computer, when I should have been sleeping, trying to figure out what was wrong!   After the second computer crash and the loss of SO much data that I told my oldest he was banned from my computers and I started my blog online.  I did not want to lose any more information!  The first two years was so full of emotional pain, drama and lack of sleep that I don't try hard to remember what had happened.  Even now, each year, I start a new 3 inch three ring binder to hold Joseph's medical and school information.  So far we fill that EACH year.  I have a lot to worry about without worrying if I remember all the details from the first days of their birth!

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Over the long weekend I spent some time trying to look for a place to live.  I am afraid we will be stuck at the hotel for a bit.  I want to make sure I find the right thing AND I have not been without the children.  It is hard driving around with them in the back being impatient.  Then I do not want to scare people aware by seeing my cranky children with me...lol.  I am looking for something in the Gilbert, East Mesa, East Tempe and South Scottsdale areas.  So I have a corridor that I am looking at but I need to get out without the children.

My ad on Craigslist was rather successful.  The ad has been part of the reason I have held off on posting so the ad would not be "lost" on my board.  I had several people apply. A few I was able to dismiss right away.  Others I was interested in and scheduled for an interview.  I had people as young as 18 apply and I don't think anyone was over 24.  I had BIG doubts about the people being so young and handling three 4 year olds who are disabled but I was pleasantly surprised by some of the applicants!  So far I am highly encouraged!  I recently found out my mother is not coming out here.  I was thinking she was going to watch my children for me my first week at work.  So I thought I would have until October 22nd to make a decision on someone to watch the children.  With my mother not coming I should have started the interviewing process LAST week.  I am in a hurry and MUST hire someone RIGHT away so I can start work on Monday!

This is the last thing I have to say in this long post...lol.  Right before I was going to publish this I get a call from the front desk of my hotel.  I was told someone had dropped off a care package for me and I needed to come and get it since she did not have any way of storing it.  The front desk lady said a woman and her two children came in and dropped off a bag of groceries.  Tina, the front desk manager, said the woman was very nice and asked if she knew me.  The lady said she did not but she had heard things over the internet and she wanted to drop this off for me.  You have NO idea how many times in my life I have heard people say they would help me or do something for me and rarely does anyone follow through. I am sorry but that has been my experience.  :(  You have NO idea how nice it was for me to receive such a wonderful gift and a sweet card.  I have been feeling down and lonely.  It is tough moving to a new city by myself with the children in tow and I know NO one and have no family here.  So whoever you are...Thank You!

The card says...
We hope this finds you in a time of need and can help to lighten your burdens! Know that you are though of and loved!  Friendly Neighbors


  1. Hi Michelle. Best of luck with the home and nanny search! Stick with Gilbert or E Mesa if you can. Better schools. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about specific schools or neighborhoods :)

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the school situation! Even though my children do not go to school now I am hoping they will within the next year or two. I would like to only move ONCE if I can. I HATE moving!