Friday, October 26, 2012

Pavlov's Dog

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That is what I am.  I am like Pavlov's dog.  I have been SO tired lately from getting to bed at 10pm and getting up at 4am that as soon as I turn the box fan on to try and put the children to sleep I fall asleep too....LOL.   All the children been SO sick lately.  Poor James seems to have been especially hit hard.  He had the WORSE hacking cough.  I do not have insurance locally so we have been trying to make it.  The problem is that I try and get the children down to sleep and I turn on that box fan.  The white noise makes me drift right off to sleep.  I am still tired now but I am trying hard to stay awake for a bit.

I had a meeting that had been scheduled at my work today so I went.  I was not going to inconvenience everyone else because it was suppose to be my day off plus I wanted to meet the people I would be working with on my project.  I went to that meeting. I drove back to Gilbert because an hour later I was going to tour a school for visually impaired children.  It is someplace that Joseph might be able to attend next year.  I think I have all ready made the decision to keep him out of school this year.  The special education preschool program in the Gilbert School District is ridiculous   It is only TWO hours a day Monday through Thursday.  The risk of Joseph getting sick from going to school only two hours a day does not outweigh any rewards he would get out of the program.

After I toured the school I was driving back to to the hotel and I saw a For Rent sign so I stopped and called about the house.  It is in the Chandler school district and seems like a nice place but the rent was $1250 per month and too high for my budget.

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Next I stopped and got dinner for myself, Bailey and the children and headed back to the hotel.  I was, and still am, exhausted!  I have all sorts of news like how John decided to change the amount of child support he was sending me without warning, what is going on with the house, Bailey, moving, and many more topics but for now I hear the call of the fan.  It tells me to sleep. I should have time tomorrow to write and not fall asleep   Need to find a way to blog on my lunch hour.  That would be a lot

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