Sunday, October 21, 2012

Caroline's Carts Might Be Coming To Your Local Store IF YOU Speak Out!

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Have you heard of Caroline's Cart?  It is a WONDERFUL idea invented by a mother of a special needs child.  The cart is equipped with a seat in the basket meant for a child/small adult with special needs.  The cart has:

  • Handles that swing back to provide access to the seat
  • Five degree tilt for those with low muscle tone
  • Seat faces caregiver for eye contact
  • Platform under the seat for a comfortable footrest
  • Abductor in the seat to help keep the child upright
  • Harness to help secure the child
  • Plenty of room in the cargo area of the cart for shopping
Currently Kroger's (Also known as Smith's, Fry's and MANY other names) is considering purchasing several Caroline's Carts and placing them in their stores.  I think this is a WONDERFUL idea but YOUR help is needed!  Please write to (and copy Caroline's Cart at Greg is the buyer and has been very interested in the Carts! He said he needs to hear from their customers that want the cart! So PLEASE email!!!

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