Tuesday, October 9, 2012

News Bits

I have enjoyed doing new bits in the past but I have been too busy.  There have been SO many interesting things floating around from my fantastic friends from Facebook I have to stop and do my news bits for tonight!

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The first is an article titled, IEP Meeting Conversation Stoppers, that has some wonderful advice on what to do at an IEP meeting. There are nine conversation stoppers including the school district saying they cannot use technology to the special education teacher cannot attend the IEP meeting.  It gives great advice on why these situations happen and what you can do as a parent to make the situation better.  It is a great read if you have to attend an IEP!


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Do you have a toe walker?  Margaret is my little toe walker and can be SO rough on shoes.  Joseph has FINALLY started to walk but he will crawl too when he does not feel stable enough to walk so he can be tough on shoes also.  This started a conversation on what shoes are best for little feet that are SO rough on a pair of shoes.  One mom swear by Keen Kids shoes.  I was looking at the shoes and though the colors are not overly girlie they make a pair of high tops called Coronado High Tops that would provide Margaret with some ankle support too.  I like them!


Photo Credit: healthmedicalnow.com
I have a friend and her poor son is SUPER allergic to soy.  So when I came across this article I wanted to make sure I told her about it!  If you have soy or milk (casein) food allergies please be careful when you consume produce with a wax coating!  In an article by clinical nutritionist, Dr. Vikki Petersen, titled Clinical Nutrition Report: An Apple a Day Making You Sick?  Within the wax or shellac coating on fruits and vegetables there are often two types of protein used.  These are the soy or casein protien.  The milk protien is used to help the waz form a skin.  When the milk protein is not used soy is substitued.  Dr. Petersen recommeneds either buying organic or asking your local produce manager what kind of wax is used on the products you buy!

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