Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Can't You Make a Phone Call?

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Friday night comes and John did not call.  He could not call at 8:00pm and tell his children, James really, hi and good night.  James was SO upset.  He cried and said he wanted to go back to LasVegas to daddy's Blocker house (James calls a home by the street the house is located).  I had to tell him no and say that we are   in Phoenix now.  We have to live here.  He cried even harder.  He misses his daddy so badly.  James is torn up over it.

Bailey is great for them since she takes them out and runs them around.   That helps to keep James busy. Saturday we ran around.  We went to look for Halloween costumes for the children at Goodwill.  Then we went to Bailey's grandfather's work.  They were having a "yard sale" to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Then I took the children to the Waffle House because it made them happy.  Then we went to do laundry.  The laundromat at the hotel is busted and will be for a few weeks.  The landry was nice BUT the one of the washing machines ruined my clothes and Bailey's too.  It was BAD.  It looks like dye or something.  Makes me mad since it ruined a pair of my pants for work.  I have VERY little clothes at the moment because I cannot find anything.  Once everything was cleaned we went back to the hotel.  I got all the clothes put away and then Bailey and I got the kids ready and went out to the pool.  We all went swimming.  It was a long day but nice.

John called Sunday night.  James was happy to hear from him.  John wanted to talk to me.  That was unusual.  He hasn't really wanted to talk to me before.  With these new rules going on I figured I would have to ask him to talk to me or something.  LOL   John said he was glad I found a house and my job was working out ok.  I knew at that moment he had been reading my blog again.  There is no way he could know those details unless he was reading the blog.    I said my job is okay.  I like my job well enough but I miss my children and they NEED me.  I can have all the sitters in the world but my children need ME!

The house I am not sure about now.  The property management company listed the correct address of the house for rent BUT the directions to the house is wrong.  It is the west part of the street and about a mile from the east part of the street where the house for rent is located.  The directions were for the west side.  The description of the house (square footage, bedrooms, baths and everything else) is now in question.  I cannot see the house until the current tenants are out.  This is driving me NUTS!

The final part of the conversation surprised me a bit.  John had told James that he was coming here in the first part of November.  Now I am not sure if he is coming.  John was saying he had work stuff that he had to do that made taking the weekend off.  He is a school teacher so I don't understand what the problem is and then he says he has no money.  That at least I believe.  I have the same problem.  Just driving from Vegas to Phoenix it took a tank of gas for my van.  A full tank is about $135.  So to make the round trip it would cost me at least $260 in gas alone!  That does not include food or a place to stay.  I am not sure when John will be seeing the children.

Today I had a decent day at work.  I FINALLY got FULL access to the computer!  Now I can start my training and get started doing my work.  Yea!  The reading was tough!

Tonight, yet again, no call at 8:00pm.  Does he not understand how much James looks forward to that time.  How he waits for his call?  All John has to do is send money and make ONE FREAKING PHONE CALL A NIGHT!  How hard is that?  He just has to talk to James for about 10 minutes to make him happy.  Sigh! I will take care of everything else or Bailey will.  We have been kissing boo boos and trying to make James feel better (He has a bad allergy to something here.  A LOT of coughing lately!)

Please just send the money and make your phone call.  Then you can run off and pay lip service to God and play with your new friends.  I know you think God has been giving you peace and everything.  You keep on thinking that.  I am pretty sure God would not be happy to see how you have neglected your children (even your wife).

Got to get to bed.  Four a.m. comes EARLY in the morning!  Night my dear readers!


  1. Oh Michelle. I'm so sorry for James. Give him an extra squeeze from us. We miss you. Keep up the good work and you will be blessed. You already are in so many ways. You're all growing, forcibly so, but growing nonetheless. You are in my prayers. I hope the house thing works out even if its not this one...keep looking. Love and hugs to all of you.

    1. We miss you guys too! I wish I could come to Vegas sometime soon. Growing is tough Chelsea. It is tiring and tough. Can I take a nap now? LOL

  2. I hope the house thing works out even if its not this one...keep looking. Love and hugs to all of you.
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    1. Thank you Rose. :) So far the housing thing is working so far and I am excited to be cook Thanksgiving dinner in my new house this year!