Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Carnival Gone WRONG!

Got this picture outside our hotel room after we got back from the carnival.

Ah, it is Halloween time and the kids are excited!  Over the weekend Bailey and I saw an advertisement for the Tempe Halloween Carnival.  We thought it would be fun to take the children.  Bailey also has a half brother and sister who are 3 and 5 respectively.  I agreed to go to way east Mesa and pick up her siblings, then drive to the carnival in the other direction, go to the carnival, and then drive them back.  It was about a 40 minute drive EACH direction.  I ended up using half a tank of gas.  That is a LOT!

The trip went wrong pretty much from the start.  James has been SO sick.  He was feeling better though and I thought he might enjoy getting out.  I knew Margaret would not mind.  Joseph is always up for pretty much anything.  We drive across town and I knew it was going to be bad when I had to fuss at the kids several times to behave in the back.  We get to Bailey's siblings house and we get the three year old, Jacob, and the five year old, Abby.  As soon as the car got going Jacob started crying.  Bailey calls back to her Mom and asks if he got a nap.  No!   The answer was no!

We left anyways but the WHOLE 40 minutes I was driving Jacob was crying and that set off Joseph and Margaret.  I was SO loud Bailey was telling them to be quiet.  I told her to ignore them because it was a long ride and there were so many children.  We get to the carnival and it was PACKED! We had two strollers.  One for Joseph and the other for Jacob.  I had Margaret and James on their backpack leashes while Abby was exceptionally good and could just follow orders.

We walked down to the fairgrounds.  It was neat.  Each booth was run by a local charity for fundraising.  Bailey bought tickets with her own money.  That was VERY nice of her.  We walked around for a bit looking at what was there and the kids decided they wanted to go to the moonbounce.  So we went over.  Keep in mind Jacob for the most part was still

At the moonbounce Abby, James and Margaret wanted to bounce.  Bailey said that was fine.  I stayed with Jacob and tried to entertain him and Joseph.  I fed Jacob candy to keep him quiet.  Joseph wanted to get down so I let him but he was trying to crawl since the ground was grass and uneven.  The kids had to wait their turn in the bounce house so while waiting Bailey lost track of Margaret.  We, thankfully, quickly found her.  She went into a bounce house for older children.  I sent her back to Bailey.  All the kids went into the bounce house and they had their turn.  Abby did great.  She got out.  Margaret got out but then screamed and threw herself on the ground because she did not want to leave and James cried because he did not want to leave either.  So we had Abby acting SO nicely, Margaret screaming lightly, James crying, Joseph crying because of everyone else and Jacob crying.  Bailey and I were NOT having fun!  To cut a long story short I convinced Bailey to sell her tickets to someone else so we could get out of there.  On the car ride to drop off the siblings and then go home there was SO much crying and screaming.  It reminded me of my drive from Las Vegas to Phoenix.  I HATE driving in a car full of screaming kids!

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  1. You are a brave woman!! At least you went to the carnival and even if you didn't stay long you made the best of it. I'm sorry the kids had such a hard time, it was probably a little overwhelming with all the people. I know Malachi will throw fits if there are too many people around.
    Don't give up! Keep trying. You're doing great!!

  2. Amen to Chelsea! And. at least you got a cute picture out of it, lol ;)