Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Interesting Things People Say

I get a rare moment of respite from the children.  I am sitting in a local Starbucks.  I had been working on material for my job (the one they hopefully will not fire me from because I cannot find a sitter).  I wanted to take a break and write a post before I go home.

A couple of thoughts.  First is a message sent to me via Facebook back when I had the verbal brawl in a chat room because the Moms of Multiples (MOMs) thought I was a fake.  I just found it today in a spam folder.    The message said...

Hello.. I know you saw my post on the Triplet board. There are people there now defending you now. I just wanted to say I am sorry if I offended you. I was just skeptical but I am no longer. Your story is so Sad I think people wanted it to be fake.

Anyway again I am sorry, if that means anything  :(

I thought this note was sweet but it also disturbs me some.  Do people really think what I write and my life is fake?  In the end, I honestly do not care, but on the other hand I would hate to have people think I am lying. One of my BIGGEST HATES in life are liars.

I know my life is difficult at the moment.  I realize that myself.  Just like I know all the kids have problems, I am over-weight, the sun will rise tomorrow and I will have to watch children's TV programming when I watch TV with the children.  There are just certain realities in life!  On the flip side though I KNOW things will settle down for the children and I one day.  That I will be able to get the things I need for my children on my own (even if we are living in a hovel to make it happen).  My children will grow-up and know of the love (and sometimes sacrifices) I made for them.  I will do it all gladly (though sometimes, painfully for me).  My life is difficult but it will not always be so because *I* am a survivor and will persevere.

Okay, I am digressing....   The second point.  Still looking for a nanny.  Not sure, if I cannot work something out, what I am going to do.  I will be placing another ad soon.  I know looking for a nanny over the holidays is not helpful.  I am hoping I will have more response after New Years.  If I cannot make this work I have no "good" back up plan.  This worries me.  I specialize in making 18 (ok, maybe not quite that back-up plans for when something does not work in my life.  I HAVE to get the child care issue under control before I get fired.  Sigh, life is difficult, not sad, just difficult.

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