Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Nice Things That John Said

I had an interesting Christmas Eve.  I had to work that day.  With all the time I have taken off from work I had NO time to take Monday off.  I was lucky because Bill volunteered to stay home and watch the children for me.  This allowed me to go to work and not have to worry about anything.  I got up and went in super early and worked straight through so I could leave work early.  I got home and pick up the children.  I took them over to the local Target to get pictures made for the children's birthday and Christmas pictures.  Bailey and I had gone the day before to Wal-Mart and we were able to find new clothes for the children to take their pictures in and the clothing was cheap (added bonus...lol).  Bailey had the children ready in the first outfits and packed the children's clothes for me.  I got the children into the car and headed off.

I want to say I have normally had a GREAT experience and this time was no exception.  We have gone to Portrait Innovations a couple of times and had horrible experiences.  I tell the person booking the appointment that I am bringing in disabled triplets so book me more time.  At Portrait Innovations I am told it is not a problem but when we get there we wait and then get rushed.  At Target I ask for a double appointment time and ask to get the last one of the day.  When I get to the Target Portrait Studio I have my double appointment time.  Keep in mind I am getting there at 3:40pm and we should be done no later than 4:20pm.  I get there and the lady doing the pictures is SUPER nice.  I explain to her about the children and a few things she should NOT do if she did not want them to cry...lol.  We get started.  I went through FIVE clothing changes.  I ask if I am ok and she photographer said I was the last appointment of the day so I was fine (keep in mind again, this is Christmas Eve). We get all the pictures done and I pick out what I want.  The photographer asked if I had any coupon or promotions.  I told her no.  She said I was not to worry.  She was going to help.  I was able to walk out of there with a CD and a lot of other things for a reasonable price.  I was happy.  Anytime I can spend less than $120 for everything I want from the photographer I am thrilled! When we are done I am exhausted!  I call ahead and ask if Bailey will meet me and help to get the children back into the house.  She said ok.  When I get to the house it is 5:30pm and Bill and Bailey are waiting for me to arrive.  I was SO thankful to have the help getting into the house!  Many of the pictures I had made at Target are on the site under Recent Pics.

When I get home and enter the house Bill had been cleaning pretty much all day.  He had moved stuff around, pick up things up (including toys), cleaned the whole house.  It was AMAZING!  The house was all cleaned and vacuumed and looking great for Christmas day.  Bill said he had cleaned so we would have everything out of the way so we could open present tomorrow.  It was a REALLY nice surprise!

So in the effort to be fair and honest I wanted to make sure that I mention the nice things that John said about me to the CPS lady.  She tried really hard to get John to say he had an issue with what is going on.  Basically she asked about the ok on the door and he said he laughed at her.  He told her it was pretty standard practice for parents of multiples to switch the door lock around to keep the children from wondering.  He said *I* was not even doing that.  I was only putting a chain lock on the door so the door could still be opened by the children.  She asked him why I would leave Nevada when I had services set up there for the children.  He told her I had to take a job here and it was more important I have the job so I had money to put a roof over our head than the services.  He said it is hard to provide services to someone who is homeless...lol.  She asked John about the chocking hazard I was posing to Joseph by feeding him stuffing.  John told her about the feeding therapist telling us we had to give him food with more texture if we were ever going to get him to eat solid foods.  He said he knew I am a great mother to the children and I have their best interests in mind.  He said he knows I will take good care of them (basically).  Shortly afterwards he ended his interview with the CPS worker.

It was nice to hear John say those things about me.  He could have been an ass and lied to the CPS worker and caused the children and I grief but he did not.  I am appreciative of that.  He knows I have ALWAYS had the safety and welfare of the children at heart.  They are still my main concern.  Today James kept asking me about John and I had to keep reminding him he was not coming.  James has me worried with all the (birthday and wishing well) wishing that his daddy was here.  It makes me sad for him.

I will see what I can do for therapy for James.  Tomorrow Bill is planning to spend some one-on-one time with James for me.  Bill is watching the children for me tomorrow so I can work.  I am thankful he is around to help with James. James really does need some one-on-one male bonding time.

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