Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Still Searching...

There is SO much going on.  Where should I start?  I guess the first is the search for a new nanny.  I really think at this point that caring for the children full-time was too much for Bailey physically and that is the cause of most of the current problems.  I am looking for someone to shoulder the responsibility full-time.  It is VERY hard!  There have been several comments that the pay is too low.  Not very constructive criticism there!  LOL   I am well aware of that!  When I have contacted nanny services or daycares that could handle the children I was told the cost would be $2000 per month.  As a state worker that is about how much I bring home in pay.  John pays me $1000 and I currently get $600 from SSI ( I don't think that is going to last).  So I get $3600 a month.  By the time I pay rent, bills, groceries there is little left.  That money is ALL I have to pay for child care.  That is the way it is...I can't change anything at the moment.

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