Thursday, December 27, 2012

Friend In Need of Help

Please Help Lidija To Thrive and Grow!

I have a friend, Vivian, that is need of help.  Her daughter Lidija has a rare disorder called Mast Cell Activation Disorder.  She requires a special diet of Neocate Jr. It is very expensive and costs the family of five $35 per day just to feed Lidija!  Currently Vivian is fighting with the insurnace company to cover the Neocate Jr. for her child.  In the meantime her friends are helping her in raising funds to purchase the food along with looking for cans of Neocate Jr. to send to the family.  Lidija can drink only the BLUE label Neocate Jr. unflavored and chocolate varieties.  Pretty much anything else she is having a reaction to it.  If you can donate money (even $5 would be SO helpful) please visit the fund raising website.  If you have Neocate Jr. BLUE label unflavored or chocolate flavor cans of formula please visit Lidija's Facebook page and leave a message there for Vivian.  She will be able to share with you where she needs the formula shipped.

Please help if you can.  It seems like such as basic thing.  To be able to feed your child food to help them grow but not all children are able to do that.  Lidija can ONLY eat the Neocate Jr. and Splash.  Anything else and she has an adverse reaction.  Please help to keep Lidija thriving by helping her and her family get the food she needs!


For more information on her story please click here.
For Lidija's Hope Facebook page click here.
Fundraiser page is located here.
Blog post by another friend is located here.  Please read.  It is quite good!

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