Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Spirit

Photo Credit: FineArtAmerica.com
This is the first time I have ever truly experienced the generosity of others. It has been humbling. Natalie has been reading my blog and she has organized her friends and church into helping us. It truly has been a blessing! Earlier this week I was saying I had adopted a child from an Angel Tree at work and went shopping for her before I even went shopping for my own children. Little did I know, due to the generosity of others, I did not have much shopping I had to do. Over the last two weeks Natalie and her angels have come by and donated a love-seat, a wing-back chair, a desk and some clothes for the children and myself. We at least have enough furniture to sit on and the desk went into Bill and Bailey's room to be used as a computer desk. They had been using a nightstand.  We have been pulling out the clothes.  We were given a large box of Hello Kitty clothes for Margaret and she has been going nuts over them!  We were also given a bag of SUPER nice brand name clothes in James' size.  They are wonderful and I know I can dress the children in a way that I am not ashamed to take them out to places.

Then Saturday night, while Bailey and I happened to be out Natalie came by with about 20 other people (according to Bill) and dropped off presents (including a treadmill!) for us. I wished I had been home! Bill said the people broke out in song as they walked into the house and brought in the presents. Bill said the children were SO excited and had HUGE smiles on their faces. Bill even admitted he was over come with emotion by the generosity and kindness of all the people there. Thank you all!

Other generosity this week include Kimberly B.  You know who you are and the generous gift you gave my children.  Thank you SO much!

My neighbors down the street.  During a yard sale about a month ago I met my neighbors down the street.  They have children including a son who is about two years older than James.  She had SO many clothing items I wanted to purchase for James and she also had a BEAUTIFUL rug that has roads on it and a cute cityscape.  I wanted the items SO bad but I did not have the money.  I told her I would be back next week and I would buy anything she had left.  The next week I went back and the husband answered the door.  He said they were going to have a garage sale again next weekend.  I said that was great and I would be back.  The next two weeks I looked but no yard sale.  Yesterday my neighbors show up at my door.  The husband hands me a HUGE box and the wife says it is EVERYTHING left over from the yard sale.  She said I was welcome to take what I can use and to please donate the other items.  Can you believe it???   There are a TON of things that James can wear along with a LOT of pajamas!  Something he needed.  What really tickled me was the rug.  The rug was not sold and she gave it to me.  I was SO happy!  As soon as I laid the rug in the floor Joseph started to play on it.  He was running a car up and down a "road".  It was cute!

To my in-laws.  Thank you for sending money for the children on Christmas.  I was able to buy them some specific toys I knew they have been wanting.

With all the gifts given I think the children are having their biggest Christmas yet.  Thank you all for the help in making this a nice Christmas for my babies!

                            Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Oh Michelle. I'm so happy that you had angels for Christmas. I had worried about all of you, but we've been unable to help since we're so far away. I love you and the kids so much. Merry Christmas!! :`)

    1. Thank Chelsea! We have really been blessed this Christmas!