Friday, August 24, 2012

Forced Vaccination or Food for Your Children

I find it appalling that government aid would be withheld from families and, more importantly children, in order to FORCE parents to vaccinate children.  This was a study done in Georgia where families were threatened with the loss of their Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) unless the families could show up-to-date vaccinations of the children.  In the summary of the study I could see and I am not sure if any families were actually denied aid but the summary does say the families where threatened with the loss of aid.

I understand and I think most children should be vaccinated.  I do NOT agree with the current vaccination schedule by the CDC because I think it is too aggressive.  Especially for children under the age of two.  The government should not force families, who are in dire need of money and support, to vaccinate their children.  This is more than just a debate on vaccinations and if a child should be vaccinated or not but about parental rights.  That PARENTS and not the government should be making decisions for their children when it comes to vaccinations.

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