Monday, August 27, 2012

Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Vaccines and School

With school getting ready to start I have been gearing up to get things taken care of here.  I was just contacted for the first time last week on Wednesday by the home intervention teacher from the CCSD. In my conversation I found out I have to re-enroll my children with the school.  I asked what I needed and I was told the children's current shot record and birth certificates.  I am SO confused on WHY I have to re-enroll them since none of their or my information has changed.  Since I have lost the children's pediatrician and moved to another doctor I have to find something to do concerning the children's shot records since I am not going to get them vaccinated immediately so they can attend school.  I was able to find the religious exemption form for vaccinations in Nevada.  I have to get these printed off and filled out.  The biggest pain in the ass is the part where I have to get these notarized.  I think I can get this done at my local bank.  I

Today will be a fun filled day.  I have to go and see the doctor about how my right hand has been healing from carpal tunnel surgery. It has not healed right.  I still have a nasty scar on my palm.  It is a red slice.  One part the skin knitted together but the way that happened it make the skin pull so that is bothersome.  Also I am still having pain shoot down my thumb occasionally, there is weakness in my hand if I try and turn things (like opening a jar) and it feels like there is a knot under the skin where it is healing and it makes the scar VERY sensitive (often painful) if it is touched.  So I have a lot of questions on what is going on.

Then I have to take Joseph to the pediatrician.  I need to rewrite a letter that states the children's diagnoses and get it up to date.  The doctor will then look at what I wrote and use it for the basis of his letter.  I want to see about getting a handicap plate.  That will make taking Joseph around a lot easier.  I have to talk to the doctor about getting a wheelchair for Joseph.  Though Joseph is starting to walk now (just recently started) he falls a lot (2 busted lips in ONE day) and he is SLOW at walking.  He needs a wheelchair so I can get him around in a safe and timely manner.   I am sure there are other things I need to talk to the doctor about.  Hopefully, I will be able to remember before the appointment.     

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