Monday, January 12, 2015

And John Journeyed Forth... To the Endocrinologist

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Since the black mold problem we have all been sick.  So much coughing, sneezing, runny noses, and more coughing!  I've been coughing and having issues until my asthma has acted back up.  It's been bad.  This is the most we have all been sick over a winter since their birth.

We thought this last round of illness was due to heavy black mold exposure but now we are not sure.  After two weeks of being sick and LOTS of OTC medication we are all starting to feel better.

Today Margaret and Joseph had an appointment with a new endocrinologist.  They are both SO small that we need to monitor them closely.  Plus Joseph has Hashimoto's thyroiditis so we need to check his thyroid levels.  After seeking some recommendations from other moms of multiples in the area I settled on a doctor.  John had to go to the appointment by himself since I have very little time off left at work from the holidays.

Everyone dropped me off in the morning.  John took the kids to the doctor office.  He called me later and told me about their day.  They saw the doctor and agreed that Joseph is a candidate for growth hormone.  John explained why we were interested in growth hormone for Joseph with included having my grown so his teeth can fit in his jaw (because the two bottom teeth he has coming in are NOT fitting at all!) and because we want his to grow so he trachea will growth and less his breathing issues.  The doctor agreed that those were good reasons and Margaret also needed to be monitored because she is also quite small.  Joseph weighed 33 pounds and was 41.5 inches tall.  Joseph is not on the chart for height or weight at all.  Margaret was 41 pounds and is 45.6 inches tall roughly.  James is basically 53 pounds and about 55 inches tall.    You can see the BIG difference in height and weight between them all.  That is one of the main reasons that no one asks me if they are all the same age any more.  They look SO different that it looks like I had one child per year versus all the same time.  LOL

You can see how people would be confused!
Joseph recently had a bone age x-ray completed and it was considered normal. Margaret was sent for a bone scan x-ray today.  We will get the results back in a few days.  Joseph also had his blood drawn to check thyroid levels.  John said the kids were SUPER good at the doctor's office.  A nurse even complimented John and how great our kids were.  LOL

John left the doctor's office and took the kids to the Target we got our Christmas pictures redone but they had just closed for lunch.  He went driving around a bit and found Freedom Park.  He let the kids out to play for about 15 minutes before taking them back to the Target to get the pictures.

I'm not sure what else he did but I know it involved lunch, taking my car to get my tires looked at and filled, going to another Target and picking up my prescriptions, then heading to the house for a bit and feed the children dinner, load everyone back up to get me from work.  When they arrived I get into the car and James was in the back sleeping.  John said he tried to keep him awake but James said, "My eyes are just too tired."  LOL   We got home, unloaded everyone one last time.  I got them into the house and it was about 7:00pm.  I got the kids ready for bed while John took a break for a bit.  By 8:15pm we were basically back on track for bedtime.  Not too bad of a day for the kids but I am sure John is exhausted!

I will try and post the new pictures tomorrow.  :)

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