Monday, January 19, 2015

Fun With Cornstarch Play Dough!

Margaret have some fun with the play-dough!
John took the children out to play with the homemade play-dough first thing in the morning.  The children had a BIG time!  They played for about an hour.  Mostly they are into destruction so they had fun crumbling up the play-dough.  John said when he took the play-dough out of the bag the consistency was strange.  He said it was rather dry and crumbly.  I thought it was a little wet when I placed it in the bag last night so I was surprised to hear that.

Next time I will try a different recipe and see how it goes.  I don't think this is a "good" play-dough recipe but it does have some really good advantages. I think the play-dough needs to be played with the same day it is made.  Another upside is the recipe is gluten free.  We are not a gluten-free family but I know others who are and they cannot play with "regular" play-dough because of the gluten.  Finally, the recipe only has two ingredients and they are pretty cheap.  

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