Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Brain Dump: Medical Care, Tiny Homes, Web Hosting, and Writing a Book

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Am I the only person that keep like 10 windows open in the phone's browser because I am saving websites?  When I went to look for a graphic for this story I found I was not the ONLY person contemplating what I am going to unceremoniously called a "brain dump."  I need someway to hold information I think I might find useful!  LOL

So work with me here....

Did you know there is a medical insurance you can get that is a healthcare sharing ministry?  It meets the requirements for insurance by Obomacare.  The plan is called Medi-Share and it is a Christian Care Ministry run medical plan.  I did not know such a thing even existed! 

I have been contemplating the idea of building a tiny home.  I know the idea sounds a bit crazy since there are so many people in my family.  My parents have been quick to laugh  at my idea.  However, I want to be able to stay at home with my children and that means a lot to me.  That means more to me than having stuff or a large house. I know my children need me to provide structure and homeschool them plus I know they miss me.  I am hoping to purchase a trailer with my tax refund so I can get started building the house.  I found a good link describing a checklist of what you need to start your build. It is a good start to think what you may need.  The blog Clothesline Tiny Homes has some great information and a lot of pictures of the building process.  Very neat site!

Another neat thing I learned about tiny homes is that for them to be mobile they must be no taller than 13' 8" from the ground to the roof peak. I had not thought about this.  It is due to bridge heights and the requirement to get a special permit to move something taller than that through a state. Who knew???  In an article I found it described how you could get an extra nine inches of height in the house by dropping the axles in the trailer.  

Do you like Sriracha?  If you don't know what that is you have been living under a rock culinary speaking!  At a website called Sriracha2Go they sell tiny bottles of the hot and spicy stuff on a key chain so you can have your favorite hot sauce where ever you go!  This could make a great gift to that person in your life that likes things on the spicy side!

Have you heard about a computer program called Scrivener?  It is a program that is a bit tough to learn how to use but once you do it can really streamline the writing process.  I have heard it is particularly useful in writing books.  I have ambition to write a book one day.  Maybe this will help?

Another site I recently heard about is Gumroad. Gumroad is a website that will host a product for you so you can sell it.  I love the idea!  It is a great way to get started in selling a product without having to figure out web hosting and how to set up a shopping cart on your site on your own.  

Wow!  That cleared out all the ideas I was holding in one of the browsers I had on my phone.  LOL  I need to do this more often!  Hope you found something of interest!

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