Saturday, December 27, 2014

Picture Day at Target

  I had to wait a bit before I could most thing because I wanted to use the new pictures we got from Target.

I belong to a group of high order multiple (HOM) moms.  We do a Christmas card exchange.  I LOVE the participating!  I have NEVER gotten SO many Christmas cards at one time! Ever!  Plus it so fun to see all the other families with multiples.

With members overseas we have to get the Christmas pictures done early.  We went and got some pictures done at the end of October.  It was still too hot in Phoenix and the pictures did not feel like Christmas pictures to me.

As I was checking my inbox I found a coupon for pictures at Target for the kids birthday. It was the week of Christmas so I made the appointment with the studio the day after Christmas.

We went to the portrait studio and the kids were in a good mood.  Just to show you how long I hold on to things... the sweater that Joseph is wearing is was Jerrin's, my oldest son who is now 22, and the blue velvet dress Margaret is wearing was Caitlin's (20 years old). I remember when they wore those pieces of clothing.  It brought back so many memories for me. I remember, in particular, the sweater and fitting it over Jerrin's hear when he was four.  The sweater is a 4T but when I put it on Joseph (who is 7 now) it fit great.   Jerrin had a large head at 4 and I remember having to pull the sweater over his head.  It was so tight he hated wearing it but he looked so nice!

The pictures, overall, came out so nice!  Margaret was a bit apprehensive at first but quickly warmed up.

 Sadly, I had showed her some pictures we had done at Portrait Innovations when she was three.  I showed her these pictures.  I asked her if she looked happy or sad.  She said sad.  So I asked her what was wrong.  I did not expect an answer.  This was four years ago at this point and I was not sure she remembered.  She told me that there were too many people.  Wow!  I was floored!  There were a TON of  people there and I looking back in retrospect I know she was experiencing a sensory meltdown.  I mean she was SCREAMING, pulling her hair, pinching and just in overall disarray.  I did not know why at the time.  I just thought she was tired.  Little did I know it was because there were too many people and noise.  I know now Margaret is very sensitive to noise and she can be pushed over the line with too much noise.

Here are our pictures from Target....

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