Sunday, December 7, 2014

Kidisms and a Christmas Craft

My children are often a source of amusement for me.  Margaret is particularly funny because of how she interprets things. A few examples are...
Croutons she calls toast bites,
A comb has teeth and therefore bites the knots in her hair when I comb it,
and her stuffed animals become real things that need help, care and comfort.

Margaret lines up her Hello Kitties and tells me they are having a party....LOL! 

Joseph complains to me his Spiderman WON'T stop working! ROFL. We told him, "Then stop pressing the buttons!"

James came over and asked use my bathroom to go poop since John had just cleaned the hall bathroom. When we asked him why he said he did not want to mess up the toilet. LOL. At least he was trying to be courteous!

James went into my bathroom today because someone was in the hall bathroom.  He comes back out and exclaimed in a puzzled voice, "Your bathroom smells like pickles!"  LOL   Little did he know I had sprayed my bathroom down earlier with white vinegar to combat the hard water stains in my shower.  ROFL

Then Margaret grabs Spiderman and uses him to save Hello Kitty. At least she is flexible in her play! LOL

Today we did our weekend craft.  It was fun!  We did Ribbon Paper Trees.  I cut out some tree forms from cardboard.  It would have been too hard for the children to do that.  They all have poor hand strength.  MY hand was hurting after a bit.  I couldn't have imagined them doing it!  I had to enlist John to help me cut out tree forms.

We had some scrapbook paper all ready on hand.  I picked out come color coordinating paper in mostly green and blues.  John used a paint stick, since we had on hand, as a straight edge to draw lines across the scrapbook paper.  I initially thought the kids could cut the paper into strips but that proved to be too hard.  James was able to cut half a sheet before he was complaining his hand was hurting.  No problem, John and I cut the paper into strips.

All the different colored strips of paper were placed in separate piles.  I poured a thin layer of glue on the cardboard tree form and then asked the children what colors/order they wanted the paper strips.  I placed them on the form.  That part of the craft went quick and it made the children happy.  Any paper hanging off the sides of the form I trimmed off with scissors as soon as the glue had set some.  I think these came out quite cute.  Some of the trees have tree trunks.  I'm not sure which way I like better.  Picture of the finished craft is above.  Give it a try!  : )

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