Friday, December 26, 2014

Moldy, Musty Day after Christmas!

The day after Christmas turned out to not be so much fun for mom and dad. I washed some clothes the day before Christmas Eve and went to put them in my drier and found it was not working. I bought the drier used about two years ago and it never seemed like a good drier but I was in need. I don't think this drier is repairable. We will need to get another drier. For right now I can wash clothes and John has been running to them to the laundry mat. It really helps to keep the cost down. Then the day after Christmas I went into the storage closet in the playroom to tidy stuff up and clean out some boxes.

The first thing I noticed was the door to the storage closet was stuck. When I wedged it open a moldy, musty smell hit my nose. I knew this was going to be bad. :( After opening the door all the way I could see mold growing on some of the items in the room. It was AWFUL! That storage room not only had a bunch of things in there including clothes I was storing for Joseph, baby items, some of the children's toys, and the kids costumes. There were about 30 plastic bins in there along with a bunch of cardboard boxes full of things. I filled up our trash can throwing things out. It made me said. I will admit I do have hoarding tendencies. I come by it honestly since my mother and her mother have major hoarding tendencies too. I got rid of several bags of children's clothes along with a lot of other things I have been hanging around. It's good to pare down though. It's just hard on me.

On the upside I found a box of some of the small children's clothes from my older children. This included a beautiful blue velvet dress with tulle and lovely sliver stitching that was Caitlin's when she was little. I also found a cute, soft sweater that Jerrin used to wear that was mostly red and looked very Christmas-like. I had set another appointment to get more photos taken for Christmas. We took some pictures early to put on Christmas cards. We participated in the Christmas card exchange for a high order multiple mom group. We had over 50 cards arrive with such lovely families. It is fun to see the cards! So I hired an amateur photographer to take our pictures. We got a few nice pictures from that but I wanted something that looked more Christmas like so I booked an appointment at Target on the Saturday after Christmas. I can't wait to get the pictures done!

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