Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm Irreplaceable!

I have come to the conclusion I am irreplaceable!  LOL  In the search for a nanny I have tried to interview people but many of them flake out when they hear the AUTISM word.  They act like it is disease...and it is contagious!  LOL  Many people have NO idea what autism is REALLY like and NO idea on how MY children are.  Yet they hear autism and special needs and I never hear from them again.  It is like no one can live my life, at least the life I had for the last four years, for a week much less months.  Bailey has done an admirable job and I have hired her back temporarily now she has her health under control.  She has even been helping me to look for a replacement but so far no luck.

My relationship with PITA has been interesting.  We had the nice weekend.  He told me he wanted me to think about the boundaries of our relationship.  Not entirely sure I get the idea of that.  I think most of the things I want are pretty straight forward.  I want honesty.  No lies and no secrets!  I want someone who is my partner and not another child.  I do not want someone whom I have to clean up after!  These are two of my main ideas.  Otherwise I am not sure.  It seems as though PITA has changed but how he has changed I am not sure.  I will have to get to know him again.  It will be interesting to date the man you are married to.  Did I ever mention my life is complicated?  :)

Work...I really like my work and I have been learning  a lot.  So far they have been gracious in letting me telecommute and other things to make my childcare situation work.  I am thankful.  I do not want to lose my job.  Also, I just got health insurance!  Now at least we are medically covered!

I spoke to a lawyer and found out he is interested in my case against the DDD.  The situation they caused worries me because I am concerned over how many other families has the case worker hurt by reporting a family to CPS! The problem is the lawyer wants $8,000 to take on the case.  The paralegal I spoke to said they had recently tried and won a similar case for a lot of money but the lawyer would not take the case without the retainer.  I wish there was some way to convince him otherwise. Or I had the money.  Maybe find another lawyer?  Not sure where to look though.  If anyone has any ideas I would LOVE to hear it!  I really want to pursue this case!

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