Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Stick To The Schedule!

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Time to go back to a schedule.  Children, including special needs children, NEED a schedule!  I have been home full-time for about a month and it does not feel like it!  Wit the children's birthday and Christmas in there we have been seriously busy! I have been cleaning out the house and reorganizing the playroom into more of a classroom. I also made a schedule I thought we could live with that would cover all the homeschool subject we need/want to cover.

Today we did history.  We read the first chapter of The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. Then we discussed what we had learned like what is a historian. What is an archaeologist   ? How can we figure out what happened long ago?  It was pretty fun!

Then we studied geography.  I decided we should start with the United States.  We got a list of the 50 states in alphabetical order and we will cover one state a week. I had them read through the list of states in order to get the names pronounced right. Today we started our study with Alabama.  This was great since the children were born there! I found a site,, that cover a nice amount of general information about the state.  We read over that and we will use the time for the rest of the week to look up famous people that lived there, the state animal, and other facts.  The kids enjoyed learning about the state. Now we will spend a bit working on educational apps Cleaver Dragons and Always Icecream and call homeschooling done for today.

Yesterday James and Margaret spent the day in their room without electronics for the outrageous behavior. I also had James make a video apology to the care giver who was here that night.  Today his behavior is much better.  John and I discussed his behavior and decided he flipped out due to high anxiety that we were not coming home.  I will need to look for a book or curriculum on how to help him deal with his emotional anxiety in a more appropriate way. Any suggestions?

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