Saturday, February 22, 2014

What a Week!

Happy Friday!  I know I am glad it is Friday but I will explain that later!  The children are doing well.  There has been a lot of reports of stomach flu going around in the area.  So far we have been able to avoid anyone getting sick!  This is SO important because Margaret and Joseph has gained a decent amount of weight in the last few months but if they get sick with the stomach flu they would lose all the weight they have managed to gain.  Not good!  So we are trying hard to keep everyone well.

I know this may sound strange but what do people think about having a birthday party for your child when it is not their birthday?  This is something my husband and I are contemplating.  Our children's birthday is about two weeks before Christmas.  This is a horrible time of year to try and have a birthday party for a child.  We have the additional complication of Joseph and his health issues that I don't want the children out and about during the winter.  So what is a parent to do?  I want to give the children the experience of having a birthday party but not jeopardize their health in the process!   The idea John and I are toying around with is to throw the children a birthday party on HIS birthday (June 25th).  It is during the summer, still not a great time exactly to have a children's birthday party, but we would not have to worry about the children getting ill during the summer (WAY less chance of that happening in the summer time).  I think the children would have SUCH a fun time! I am looking forward to this idea!

I was glad to have Monday off this week.  It allowed me to spend time with John and we really had a nice time!  Tuesday I headed out of Phoenix to Flagstaff for work. It was a nice drive though I had to start my work day at 5am!  I went to a Partnering Meeting for a project.  While at the meeting my object was to meet with other employees and get their input on another one of my projects.  The other project is major project for the office so it was important I finish it that day.  I thought I was able to work out a solution and I headed home happy thinking my other project was wrapping up also.  I went to get paperwork signed and found out I was wrong!  The details I thought I had worked out the day before was not finalized.  This was BAD since I had my project signed off on by higher ups!  I worked at one of the consultants office's I work with on Wednesday because I did not want to be at my own office.  I was sure the BIG boss would show up and yell at me for not having my project finished.  I did not want the drama so I stayed away!  I was able to get everything coordinated and wrapped up on Wednesday and got my project out late that night.  Thank goodness!  I was starting to become concerned for my in, I was worried I would be fired!  Glad it all worked out!  I went into the office Thursday and worked on several other things.  Friday I was going in to work half a day but I never made it.  I was desperately needing sleep!  The stress and anxiety of the week got to me!  Glad the main component of my big project is finished and out the door!

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  1. I think choosing an alternate date for the birthday party is a fine idea. Sharing John's birthday would be great. We have also done "half-birthdays" in the past when there were scheduling conflicts with their "real" ones-- or just for fun!