Sunday, February 23, 2014

Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees - The Movie

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Addendum:  Dr. Katina Moritz will be doing some speaking engagements concerning this documentary.  She will be coming to the Phoenix area.  If I receive any information I will pass it along!
Across my Facebook page came something I found most interesting.  I LOVE my Facebook friends!  I have a very eclectic and interesting group of friends on Facebook and I never know what is going to see on my Facebook page.

Yesterday I say a post about a new movie called Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees.  This movie moved me like no other!  Having a child that has stumped multiple medical specialists as to what is wrong with him I can relate!  Going from medical specialist to medical specialist can get you in trouble with child protective services (like in the Justina Pelletier case) but if you believe something is wrong you have to keep searching for answers!  The ladies who are working on the film have done so, to this point, completely out of pocket.  They are about 80% complete with the movie and are seeking funds to help with the final production of their movie.  Please donate!  It would be a tragedy if this film is never produced!

Please pass this along..Twitter, Facebook, Blog and other forms of social media.... Let's get this movie funded!

A bit about the film from Vimeo...

UNDIAGNOSED - MEDICAL REFUGEES Trailer and Plea from Undiagnosed Films on Vimeo.

There is a hidden epidemic - millions of people living with perplexing illnesses that elude definition and treatment. Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees is a medical documentary about what it is like to exist in a constant state of unknown, struggling with undiagnosed illnesses and rare diseases, and existing as medical refugees in a modern health care system. The film aspires to bring objectivity to this controversial and timely subject by interviewing doctors, medical administrators, and people, both children and adults, who have the misfortune of suffering without a diagnosis. Research and professional opinions combine with gripping stories into an incredible narrative that showcases the strength of the human spirit and the need for change in our medical system.

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