Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Margaret Was Not Having A Good Day!

Margaret making herself
comfortable. We JUST got
to the room. 
So Margaret was not having a good day today yesterday! She did not want to wake up and spent most of the day in bed. We were having a lot of problems with her. So after spending 19 hours in bed and not wanting to eat or drink it was time to take her to the hospital to get her some fluids. We went to Phoenix Children's and things went pretty well.

I was really worried about her getting an IV. It turns out they did a super job! She did not even cry. They distracted her with an iPad and put numbing medicine on her arm so she did not even feel the stick. They put a bag of fluid in her, swab her throat for strep, and took x-rays of her chest. The x-rays were negative so she did not have pneumonia are any other respiratory illness. We heard back that the strep swab was positive even though she does not have a red throat, blisters or white spots in the back of throat. 

Margaret FINALLY eating a goldfish cracker!
As Margaret was getting re-hydrated I noticed she because to sniffle again.  I could hear her snorting.  Then she began to cough.  At first it was a little cough but as time went on the cough got worse.  Right before we were discharged she was coughing hard again and then she vomited.  I told the nurse and doctor that I thought it was the nasal drainage that was irritating her throat which caused the cough that in turn caused her to reflux (vomit).  They did not listen to me and we left the hospital with a prescription of antibiotics to treat the strep and a medication for nausea (which I do not think she has).  Today we have an appointment with a pediatrician.  I am taking all the children.  The boys need to be swabbed for strep and I was just told James vomited everywhere.  Poor Bailey said she not not even sure how to clean the mess. Can't wait to see what the pediatrician has to say!

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  1. I am glad she got some fluids. I hate it when doctors don't listen to you and I am interested to hear what the pediatrician said. I hope she is eating now and feeling better.