Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Out and about...

I had to take the babies out. It was a challenge because the babies are sick with a bad cold. James is suffering the worst then by a far second is Margaret. Joseph is lucky because he only has a slight stuff nose.

So I had help from my daughter in loading the babies. We had to drive about 30 miles away to have Joseph's helmet checked out. It was just a fitting check. Joseph has been wearing a helmet in the hopes of adjusting the shape of his poor little head.

I am pleased to report Joseph is now rotating with purpose to get something. I am SO happy to see him actively work to go and get a toy!

For the last 3 weeks James has been using the sign of "all done" when he is finished eating. Now that Margaret is eating too he does not understand that he can be all done but not get down from the high chair. I make he wait while Margaret is finishing her food. Margaret has to wait too sometimes but it is usually the other way

Yesterday we went to WIC. James weighed 26lb 9oz. I was told he was at lest in the 80% in height and weight. Margaret was 16lb 15oz. She has finally reached the growth chart in height. She hit the At least she is growing. :D Joseph is getting bigger but he still is not on the growth chart. My poor little guy! Sadly, I missed his weigh because I was being pested by a nurse who was curious about the babies.

Margaret and Joseph were switched to Boost 1.5 (high calorie). I will be feeding Joseph and Margaret more and more food and supplimenting the food with the Boost. I hope this works and continues to give them all the calories they need.

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