Sunday, August 2, 2009

Starting Over

I have written a couple of blogs chronicling the lives of my surviving quadruplets but things seem to get lost on the computer when it crashes so now I am using a public blogger. Hopefully, I will not lose my information again.

Yesterday, August 1st, one of my babies became a little boy. James slept in a toddler bed! He had escaped out of his crib a couple of time and we were worried he would hurt himself so DH and I decided to get a toddler bed.

Margaret also has escaped her bed once. I have NO idea how she managed that! She does not sit up on her own and she does not crawl properly (only army crawls). She is a MAJOR talker. She babbles a LOT but she also says a lot of words too.

Joseph can roll both directions really well. I have high hope for him and I hope to see him sitting (at least aided) in the next 3 months.

Now that I have started a blog I hope to write here more and more often. I want to remember my day-to-day life with the babies. It is SO amazing raising high order multiples! I feel very blessed by them!

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