Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Been a LONG time since I last checked in but my personal life has been in a really bad downward spiral. I will post more about that but not right now. I have some good news to share. On September 14th Joseph crawled! I am SO happy for my little boy! It is not true crawling. He is on his elbows and puts his arms forward. Then he drags his body. I am SO happy that he has figured out a way to get around. Then on October 12th Margaret actually sat up! Yea! That was the first time! She crawls on her hands and knees. Then she stops and pushes herself up and sits on her legs. I am SO happy for her. She also continues to be a little chatterbox. She speaks the most of all the babies. James continues to be "all boy". He LOVES to take balls and to throw them around and what them bounce. It is SO cute. He is also really good about putting things away and bringing me items and saying thank you. My munchkins are the best! Must go now because they are waking up...

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