Saturday, November 1, 2014

Joseph Loses His First Tooth - Finally!

Joseph FINALLY lost his first tooth!  The boy is all most seven and FINALLY lost his FIRST tooth! His top teeth were pulled because he had fallen so much he had killed the root in those teeth plus cracked them.  His bottom left tooth is the first tooth he lost on his own.  The bad news... we think he swallowed it!  :(   Then to compound matters and make it worse... my husband and I forget to pick up his note explaining why is tooth was gone.  So no visit from the tooth fairy.  We are SO BAD!

We told Joseph that the tooth fairy was busy.  I feel AWFUL!  The good news? The tooth on the left is loose too.  We will try and make sure he does not swallow this tooth too.  Then John and I will have shot to get the tooth fairy to visit again.  I think the tooth fairy has a lot to make sure for!  I am sure she will leave money and a toy this time

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