Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

We had a good time for Halloween even though it was SO hot in Phoenix!  It was 93 for the high!  John carved out a GIANT pumpkin!  He did a really good job and carved out the pumpkin from the bottom (it is the pumpkin on the far left in the picture). I thought he did a really great job! That pumpkin was so large we were able to place a pillar candle in it and not burn the top!  The other two pumpkins were some cheap plastic light up pumpkins I got from WalMart.  That is the way to go out here in the crazy desert heat!

Here is a picture of the children dressed to go trick-or-treating.  They looked SO cute.  Joseph was still small enough to wear his costume from last year. It was a bit short but not too small size-wise which is crazy since the costume is a size 2T/3T!  The children will be turning 7 in the middle of December!  James wanted to be Batman.  So I went and got him a new costume.  The rule, NEVER any more than $20 on a costume!  I was able to pick James's costume under my price point so that made us all happy!  James had a ton of fun wearing his costume.  He and Joseph were having a great time play fighting!  Margaret, being autistic, has been fixated on Elsa from the movie Frozen.  There were several memes going around about a drinking game involving seeing a girl in an Elsa costume on Halloween.  We are glad we could help you out if you were participating!  LOL  I really got this costume originally for her to have for her Birthday but I was able to get it in time for Halloween so we let her wear it.  She was SO proud!  Sadly, I have all ready had to take it away from her because she started to pick the sequins off the dress.  This is just an issue Margaret has with any fabric item. She has to pull ANYTHING loose off... thread, details, or other items.  It makes getting her cute and nice things difficult!

So we went trick-or-treating.  I am SO proud of the children tonight. We went through one whole large neighborhood (both sides of the street) and we did not have a ton of candy by the time we got back to the car. Their bags were only 1/5 of the way full. I told them they should be grateful for the candy they had because people did not have to give out candy (I told them to remember all the houses we saw that were dark), they did not NEED the candy and it was not good for them, and we were all hot and sweating (it was 92 or so today!). I said we could go home, tell daddy about all the fun and interesting thing they saw, hand out candy to anyone else that showed up, and they could eat all the candy they wanted within reason. They said they wanted to go home! I was really proud of them! I thought they would have fought it because I got a lot of initial whining they needed more candy! I think this is the first year we have gone trick-or-treating and not ended up with a crazy amount of candy! I'm happy the kids learned about being grateful and realizing they had more than enough candy.  Since we had such a small amount of candy I let them keep it so the Halloween Fairy did not need to make a stop at our house.  

James and Joseph having fun play fighting as their superhero characters.  It was a battle of Batman versus Captain America!  Captain America fell down and I ended the video.  It turned out I shouldn't have because it was a bluff by Captain America to beat Batman.  That sneaky Joseph!  Er, I mean Captain America!

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